Thursday, 18 September 2014

Kagero (Perdition Dragon, Breakdown Dragon) Deck Profile

To tell you the truth, this deck is my favorite because of the avatar holding a blaster or any other sort of gun just like 'The End'. When I first read the effect I thought it might be a huge cost but after a use for a while I found out it is great, because we have plenty of unflippers for 'Kagero'. This deck focus on power and to tell you the truth, you can basically added all these cards into 'Vortex Dragonewt' to make it even better. Of course I prefer 'Vortex Dragonewt' because I do not need to select a column to retire.

Three heavy counterblasts, but is it worth it? Here is my explanation, this card can be so and so because of counterblasts. Well then I found out there are certain unflippers which can be added into the deck to make three counterblasts to zero if you can manage it. So therefor I will not say three counterblasts is heavy for this deck. Well you could make three counterblasts to two counterblasts if your opponent have two or less rear guards on their field.

This is a unit that gains 3k extra power if you have a unit in the center column. We rarely seen these power up abilities, they either need a cost or they gain power through other methods, but not one Legion that can just gains 3k when it attacks in 'Perdition' so far.

This card reminds me of the counterpart 'Chain-attack Sutherland', if people remember when it gains 3k power when ever an opponent unit is moved to the drop zone during the main phase, but it is only an 8k beater. It was quite an beater back then when 'Kagero' was focusing heavily on retiring and powering up and not restanding the vanguard. Now there is an improvement of 'Sutherland' and that is 'Tarayev'.

I would say this card is suited for decks that only retires columns. Retiring individual cards will not make this unit effective since it only gains 5k power when a unit in the same column is retired on your opponent side and you need Legion. So the maximum power you can get with this unit is 10k power but 10k power is plenty enough especially when it comes to the last turn of the game or the constant use of this ability.

This unit has become one of the main unit in 'Breakdown Dragon' deck. When it comes to retiring columns with less cost needed this card do the job perfectly, and it is perfect to power up 'Tarayev' without the need to use 'Breakdown' ability. Yes 'Breakdown' is not the only unit that can retire columns so you can power up 'Tarayev' but this unit can only use it once and that is when this unit performs Legion.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Red Pulse Dracokid (First Vanguard)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Buster Rain Dragon (Critical)
x4 Perdition Dragon Knight, Tuvar (Critical)
x4 Gattling Claw Dragon (Draw)
x4 Perdition Dancer, Agafia (Heal)

Grade 1 x15
x4 Dragon Monk, Gojo
x4 Perdition Battler, Mareiko
x3 Demonic Dragon Mage, Mahoraga
x2 Perdition Dragon, Rampart Dragon (PG)
x2 Perdition Dragon Knight, Sattal(QW)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Perdition Dragon Knight, Tarayev (Mate)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Menace Laser Dragon (Mate)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Whirlwind Dragon (12k Beater)

Grade 3 x6
x3 Perdition Dragon, Breakdown Dragon (Legion)
x3 Perdition Dragon, Pain Laser Dragon (Legion)


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Gold Paladin (Autumn Rain Liberator, Coil) Deck Profile

For this deck I decided to try a different style since powering up rear guard units doesn't seems to be this vanguard style. I will go with a rather full attack style rather than just calling units to the rear guards, even though that is 'Gold Paladin' characteristics. Well for some reason I just feel like calling is not very suited to this deck, it is like this card wants to do a full attack against your opponent dealing quick damage as soon as possible.

'Coil' a unit which can call two units in one turn making this ability very useful but with this, it comes with a heavy price. Two counterblasts are need for this unit to call two units from the deck, but they do gain 5k extra power which is a good sign, so it does not seems that this ability is pointless when it comes to just calling.

Well most of the time you could only use this card ability once or twice depending on how much counterblasts your deck use. Like I said, this card does not focus on calling, instead it focus on attacking, of course it may be easier if we just focus on call units and power up, but this card does not like it. It likes to have a different strategy from Prominence Core deck and of course not all strategy can be the same depending on the vanguard.

A unit that I do not really like because this card only works when it is called from the deck. Anyway 'Trahern' is the mate of 'Coil' and if this card is ended up in your hand you can discard it using 'Coil' ability because it is not just two counterblasts you will have to pay. If you manage to call this card from deck using 'Coil' skill it will gains 10k power which is high enough to make your opponent guard with high shields. I know it might not be enough to finish it depending on the situation and the timing you called this card.

When this unit is called from deck to rear guard, this unit gains 5k extra power. Well only one turn use with this card and it be over. But my main point is not about getting this unit on the field, it is for discarding so you can use 'Coil' ability. Although, you can still call this unit using other card abilities that call from decks.

I would say that this card can come in handy. 'Coronagal Liberator' is not suited for this deck unless your other units focused on calling to power it up. All I need is to have the number of 'Liberators' to make this unit an 8k beater. If the number of 'Liberators' on the vanguard or rear guards is four or more this unit gains 3k power which is quite useful.

This card skill is an improvement to the 'Jewel Knight' first vanguard, but that only requires three units to trigger it. But getting four 'Liberator' units is a simple task for 'Gold Paladin' who can do a crazy amount of calling.

We know about 'Marron' and 'Phallon' abilities which are 10k and 12k beater which is useful in this deck especially when they get the 5k bonus. These two cards also does the same thing except you got an requirement to fulfill, but it works on the vanguard or the rear guard circle which is really nice. You will need only four or more 'Liberator' units to activate these two cards skill, and four is pretty easy to pull when it comes to 'Gold Paladin' calling units.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Genius Liberator, Woltimer (First Vanguard)
x4 Liberator of Ambition, Asus (Critical)
x4 Steel Edge Liberator, Aruira (Critical)
x4 Armed Liberator, Gwydion (Draw)
x4 Liberator of Holy Tree, Elkia (Heal)

Grade 1 x15
x4 Little Liberator, Marron (10k Beater)
x4 Opposing Liberator, Polyus
x3 Shine Formation Liberator, Eldol (PG)
x3 Liberator, Holy Acolyte (10k Beater)

x1 Sword Formation Liberator, Igraine (QW)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Evening Rain Liberator, Trahern (Mate)
x4 Liberator of Oath, Aglovale (Mate)
x4 Liberator of Royalty, Phallon (12k Beater)

Grade 3 x6
x4 Autumn Rain Liberator, Coil (Legion)
x2 Bluish Flame Liberator, Percival (Legion)


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bermuda Triangle (Rising Star, Droite) Deck Profile

Grade 0: 17
1 Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Shizuku (Starter)
3 Cooking Caspian
3 Heatful Yale, Fundy
3 PR<3ISM M Canaria
3 Gunslinger Star, Florida
4 Pr<3ism-Miracle, Timor

Grade 1: 13
4 Mermaid Idol, Sedna
3 Mermaid Idol, Feluca
4 Mermaid Idol, Ellie (Null)
2 Duo Clear Parasol, Kura

Grade 2: 12
4 Super Idol, Rivere
3 Mermaid Idol, Flute
3 Top Idol, Aqua
2 Eternal Memory, Lawrence

Grade 3: 8
4 Top Idol, Riviere
4 Rising Star, Droite

Hello guys, Ao' here brining you a another Bermuda Legion but this time for the Riviere. This deck doesn't focus on the normal bouncing mechanics of Bermuda Triangle, but rather the beat down aspects. It's very vanilla build and you can customize it how you see fit, my only recommendations is that you do NOT use the Riviere Ride chain. Reason I say this is because if you mess up the ride chain, essentially you mess up everything and the random card advantage isn't worth it to be honest. And the only card you honestly need is Super Idol, Rivere for Droite skill.

For the grade zero line up i'm running Shizuku so you can have a better chance at getting a copy of Top Idol, Riviere in your hand. Six draw triggers, and six critical triggers. However you can use stand triggers if you want, they also run very effectively with the legion because of Riviere persona skill.

For the grade one line up, i'm running four Sedna's used for boosting. Two Kura's used for flipping damage after you use your legion skill. Three Feluca to have the soul necessary for Kura, and Ellie who's your perfect guard.

Grade two line up, four Super Idol, Riviere which if you can ride it on the vanguard, do so because of Droite skill which allows you to get Top Idol Riviere in your hand(which sets you up for your persona blast). Two Lawrence for some a bit of draw power, Flute which is your 11,000 attacker, and three Aqua's. Grade two line up is very Vanilla because this Legion doesn't focus on bouncing cards. Again, you can edit this how you see fit.

And finally four Droite, and four Riviere. Which is pretty interesting, Droite has the ability to stand after attacking for a counter blast of three and discarding a couple cards putting a lot of pressure on the enemy. The attack doesn't have to hit either, and if they allow the attack to hit, Riviere skill activates and you can use a persona blast to give three of your units 5000 power, similar to Gold Paladins Gancelot. Because everything is pretty much vanilla you can customize the deck anyway you see fit.

Bermuda Triangle (Duo Foreign Heart, Victoria Legion)

Sorry for being a bit late from this, I wanted to post this up last week but I didn't have internet.

1 Duo Lover Singer, Darling (Starter)
4 Duo Pride Crown, Madeira (Crit)
4 Duo Gran Pasturn, Syanon (Crit)
4 Duo Lamplight Melody, Tigris (Draw)
4 Duo Tropical Healer, Mejelda (Heal)

2 Duo Afternoon Tea, Panara
4 Duo Petit Etoile,. Peace
4 Pr<3ism Duo, Aria (Null)
4 Pr<3ism Duo, Yarmuck

4 Duo Foreign Heart, Quincy (Mate)
3 Duo Kelpie Jockey, Syr Darya
3 Duo Mini Hat, Rhone
2 Duo White Crystal, Ricca

4 Duo Foreign Heart, Victoria (Legion)
3 Duo  True Sister, Mer (Break Ride)

Hello Bermuda Fans, Ao' here bringing you a Duo Foreign Heart, Victoria Deck profile for the new Bermuda Legion for Duo cards. Duo cards focus more on bouncing cards in the hand to get an extra copy of a card that you want. The problems I find with duo cards, and Bermuda in general are the weak power with skills that more or less will deplete your resources if you use them too early. But if you know when to use the cards then you should give your enemy a run for their money.

Grade zero line up is pretty standard, eight critical triggers, four draw triggers, and four heal triggers. Of course, you could always go six critical, six draw, and four heal if you wanted. And the duo starter Darling, who allows you to return cards with the same name on the field, which you can use to chain a bunch of other skills.

For the grade one line up, i'm running two Panara, she's your standard 10,000 grade one attacker. Four Peace, who's your draw power as well as your damage flipper, four Aria who's going to be your perfect guard. I dislike Quintet wall for this deck, and four Yarmuck who's the same as Bruno for gold paladins except she gets her power from cards being bounced back to the hand. You could use Lou Lou also.

Grade two units, i'm running four Quincy which you may be using a lot. She is going to be another card used specifically for draw power as well as she's Victoria's mate. Three Rhone who has the ability to bounce a card on the field and you can add an extra copy of that card to your hand, and chances are you can use another cards skill to get another card resulting in a huge card advantage. Three Syr Darya, who's your standard Duo 12,000 attacker, and two Ricca who's used to get cards into the soul and un-flip damage if you cannot use peace.

For the grade three's i'm running three Mer who is your break ride. I was originally running three Rytio because of her soul blast ability, but decided that I wanted to focus more on the legion and  a break ride would add an extra attack to your arsenal if you got it off. And finally your legion, Victoria. When you perform legion, she gives you a minor card advantage and allows you to chain some skills when you perform legion.

Sacred Wielding Seeker, Octavius Promo

Sacred Wielding Seeker, Octavius

[AUTO]:[Soul Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (RC), if the number of other vanguard and/or rear-guards you have with "Seeker" in its card name in the front row is three or more, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card.

Now I found something that could replace Lian in Alfred XIV deck, but with two soul blasts I could make the soul into soulless and that will be bad for some cards. Unlike Lian you can use this card in the early stages, oh well, but I can use this card in other 'Seekers' deck to increase the draw power like in a 'Brutus' deck, because filling up the front row will be easy for that deck.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Kagero (Perdition Dragon, Claws Vile Dragon) Deck Profile

'Claws Vile' is a Monthly Bushiroad card by getting one of those Monthly Bushiroad magazines but of course this card comes in a deck. Since there are some very useful 'Perdition' units as well as 'Kagero' unit that could make this card skill very effective. I know is a little late posting this deck because of BT17 released ages ago, but I guess I will need to post the decks that I am missing on this blog, but I would ignore some decks if I cannot find the competitive in the deck.

'Claws Vile' which is a unit that have the same ability as 'Pain Laser' but this card requires drive checking it own copy to trigger the ability. Not the best way to trigger this card ability, but if it's Kagero, I think we can make this unit shows it full potential. If you manage to drive check two units that is the same as the vanguard then you can retire two columns.

Well this card reduces heavy counterblasts, because only one counterblast is needed to trigger this card ability, which means you will not need to worry about using up all the counterblasts, but if that happens you could always add some unflippers which I wouldn't recommend for these kind of decks that only requires one counterblast. 

The good thing about this card is unlike other 'Perdition' grade 3 units, is that this card gains 2k power without the need of a cost to gain extra power. So this card can be a constant 22k beater making your opponent having the need of guarding with 20k just for two to pass. I hate it when they only need to guard with 15k shield for the two to pass, because it means I am not having enough power to use up their hand size.

Well the mate 'Nazel' not the best unit, but it is good enough when it comes to the one turn to win. Like some 'Perdition' units, they only gain their ability if there are no rear guards in the same column on your opponent field. This card gains 5k power when it is called to the field and while there are no rear guards in the same column as this unit. Sure this may only be a 14k beater when it is call, but I suggest using this unit when it comes to final turn if you are able to. 

Having empty rear guards are tricky, but they are not difficult to get if you 'Perdition' deck is built right. I am not saying you must have those cards in deck because everyone have their own opinion and their own fighting style when it comes to Cardfight Vanguard fights. Well beside most of the cards that can clear columns maybe a little bit tricky to acquired because of the way they are released in. 

'Sabah' can really play a role in these decks because not only you do not need 'Perdition' units, but also it is another 12k beater. We know that 'Whirlwind Dragon' is already a 12k beater when you have a 'Perdition' on the vanguard, but 'Sabah' can be instant. The only problem for this card is having empty columns so you can trigger this card ability, but 'Claws Vile' will help to reduce things.

What I like about this card is that this card can be used on the vanguard or the rear guard circles. I do not like using units which only have one circle to work because it makes it feel worthless if it's in the wrong circle. Well these days we focus on the rear guards a lot so I don't think people will know if the units work on the vanguard or the rear guard like it used to. 

What can make 'Claws Vile' drive checking even useful? Of course Legion can increase the chances but it does not always work. 'Dauntless Drive' or 'Dragonic Overlord' break ride is another way that can that can increase the chances. I know it is only one turn only, but when it comes to constant attacking the vanguard twice this is better. I found out that Legion can use quite a lot of people hand size because they only focus on setting up Legion and nothing else, so by that time, pulling finisher combinations are much easier.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Red Pulse Dracokid (First Vanguard)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Buster Rain Dragon (Critical)
x2 Seal Dragon, Biella (Critical)
x4 Gattling Claw Dragon (Draw)
x2 Seal Dragon, Artpique (Draw)
x4 Perdition Dancer, Agafia (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Dragon Monk, Gojo
x3 Perdition Dragon, Rampart Dragon (PG)
x3 Seal Dragon Spirit, Malkibel (LB Enabler)
x2 Calamity Tower Wyvern
x1 Dragon Knight, Gimel (QW)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Perdition Dragon Knight, Nazel (Mate)
x4 Perdition Dragon Knight, Sabah (12k Beater)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Whirlwind Dragon (12k Beater)

Grade 3 x8
x4 Dauntless Drive Dragon (Break Ride)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Claws Vile Dragon (Legion)


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vanguard Rules

Clan Fight Deck Construction Rule Update

From 29th September onwards, the special rule for fighters who choose <Royal Paladin> regarding inclusion of <Shadow Paladin> cards will be changed. Instead of being able to include up to 10 <Shadow Paladin> cards in their deck, they will be able to include up to 4 pieces of "Blaster Dark". This change will affect tournaments from October's monthly shop tournaments onwards.

Comprehensive Rules Update

This update is also scheduled to take effect from 29th September, and will be reflected in the update to the Comprehensive Rules with the release of the Movie Booster and Trial Deck.

Currently, if a unit with the [Legion 20000] or [Legion 21000] ability, Legions from some other ability, it can still activate its Legion ability even though it is already in Legion, though it would effectively just return 4 cards from the drop zone to the deck and shuffle the deck. After the change, this will no longer be possible.

The change is that the Legion ability will have an additional condition added. Thus, not only does your opponent's vanguard have to grade 3 or greater, the unit itself would have to not be in a Legioned state, in order for you to activate the ability.

So basically 'Sing Saver' and 'Black Boy' is affected with this, and now 'Sing Saver' cannot do 3 attacks anymore. With 'Black Boy' you cannot use the Legion ability even if you manage to superior ride which is a shame. Look like Bushi hates 'Sing Saver' but they could simply limit Sing Saver which I don't know why they did not do that. Now Legion have gone into a far more complicated state instead of being an easy ability to use. I haven't got information about this rulings affecting for the English format, but if it does then unlucky.

I feel sorry for 'Black Boy' because that card should not be involve in these circumstances, it was Sing Saver that cause all these. Oh well I don't use 'Black Boy' anyway because it uses too much hand which means I can't use 'Laurel' ability, so it would not affect me too much. I know 'Blaster Joker' will have advantages over this because of retiring the mate. Now would Limit Break decks make a comeback? or lets see which can have the ability to top now with Sing Saver out of the way.