Sunday, 28 September 2014

Link Joker (Daunting Deletor Woksis) Deck Profile

It's been a while since I have used a normal deck, not Legion or Limit Break. Everyone knows 'Link Joker' focus on lock but what is more is that 'Deletors' decided to use Megacolony stunning the vanguard skill and evolve it into a 'Delete'. 'Delete' is when the vanguard is completely deleted which means, no ability, no attack power, but it will still keep the twin drive and it get boosted and attack. The only problem I find with 'Deletors' is what with these heavy counterblasts, but I think I understand, if it is only a few counterblasts then they will be OP, so they need heavy counterblasts to reduce that from happening.

'Woksis' the main unit of the deck and a deadly unit to be exact. Without a perfect guard or quintet wall to stop this unit, you will need to use a lot of shield just to protect your vanguard from being hit. I still think this card is very OP out of all the cards I have seen so far even though it has an heavy cost, but knowing 'Deletors' they have unflippers making it not a very heavy cost to pay.

By paying three especial counterblasts and moving one unit from the rear guard to soul, you can delete all of your opponent vanguard which includes both legion unit on the vanguard. Then this unit gains 10k power which is a 21k power, now I think this card is quite harsh since it gains 10k power when your opponent vanguard is at 0 power, and if they are at five damage then it be really hard to protect themselves unless  they have a good amount of sentinels in their hands. 

The other ability, and it is the only way to avoid delete vanguards, is to ride on top of it, but if it is a break ride then break ride skill will not activate. The second ability is to make your opponent to discard a unit from their hand when they want to ride at the beginning of ride phase. Now that is quite a disadvantages to deck who used up hand very quickly such as Legion decks, unless you manage to Legion without the need of guarding, then you will be fine. Otherwise, you will be loosing the amount of cards for your opponent finisher move.

Have you ever used 10k beaters for grade 3? Mine has always been 12k when it comes to grade 3s, so I haven't used 10k beaters for a long time. 'Deletors' have made 10k beaters very useful because of the ability 'deleting' the vanguard, forcing your opponent to guard with a 15k shield or a 10k shield if they manage to damage check triggers. Of course if they do not guard they do pay the price.

When this unit hits a vanguard, and your opponent vanguard is deleted, you can lock one front row rear guard. This will massively reduce the attack on your opponent field. Since their vanguard will have 0 power which will not be a threat to you and you do not need to use a lot of shield, mostly your can stop with 5k shield. Locking the front row rear guards will limit your opponent movement which will annoy them unless they can ride for the vanguard.

Well it seems 'Deletors' have a 'Photon' unit but this requires delete of vanguard for this ability to work. So I usually call it when I have a deleted vanguard, there is no point calling this unit if you do not have a deleted vanguard on your opponent field.

When this unit is called to the rear guard circle you can lock one of your opponent front row rear guard unit. Combining this will 'Iggy' you will have two front row lock and one deleted vanguard on your opponent field. Now this will eventually happen since your opponent cannot have all the shields to protect all three columns from hitting. Don't forget you have boosting unit making it stronger and your opponent will need a lot of shields, unless they have two sentinels in their hand to protect themselves, but if they used sentinels during the early game it will cost them.

Well it seems you can get this card by buying the TD deck and it is one very useful first vanguard you can get in a TD deck. This card is, Link Joker very first unflippers but of course this card only works when you have a deleted vanguard so basically this unit is specialized for 'Deletors' and not a normal Link Joker deck.

Is it me or this card reminds of Klodoa from Fairy Tail, but I have a feeling it could be related. Well judging by the image it look like a staff but I could be wrong since I haven't watch the movie to see it real form, hope it shows the first vanguard real forms though.

When you have a deleted vanguard on your opponent field, you can move this to the soul and unflip a card from the damage zone and draw one card. Not only this card just unflip damage but you can also draw one card increasing your hand. Well not like 'Deletors' need draw power anyway since it is basically kill everything weakening them, so it does not have any effect against you. 

When Vanguard units have the power of 0, we put our beaters into play because they are so useful for these situations. 'Deletors' have a 10k beater and a 12k beater, well of course since it is a sub clan. Even with a 10k beater against a 0 vanguard, your opponent will have to guard with a 15k shield just to protect themselves from getting hit. Well maybe they let it hit if they do not have five damage. Remember 'Woksis' is not a limit break unit, so you can use that card during the early games. 

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x18
x2 Acquirer Deletor, Igor (First Vanguard)
x4 Marching Deletor, Maize (Critical)
x4 Override Deletor, Org (Critical)
x4 Polipodia Deletor, Oloron (Stand)
x4 Taunting Deletor, Goot (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Reforging Deletor, Webill (PG)
x4 Idolizing Deletor, Guwimu

x3 Breaking Deletor, Gatario (10k beater)
x2 Routing Deletor, Ganowek

Grade 2 x11
x4 Pursuing Deletor, Egott (12k beater)
x4 Juxtapose Deletor, Gwill
x3 Greedy Deletor, Jewiru

Grade 3 x8
x4 Daunting Deletor Woksis
x4 Penetrate Deletor, Iggy

Friday, 26 September 2014

Jade Nail Dragon Promo

Jade Nail Dragon

*[ACT](RC):[Soul Blast (1)] This unit gets [Power]+1000 until end of turn.*

We have seen a certain card that has this type of ability from the 'Royal Paladin' clan and now 'Kagero' has this unit as well. Although I do not see any use for this card since 'Perdition' can do a lot of soul blasting anyway. Unless 'Kagero' decided to get another Legion unit that is not 'Perdition' then we might be able to use this card.

Brawler, Earth Crack Dragon Promo

Brawler, Earth Crack Dragon 

*[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)-card with "Brawler" in its card name] When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), if you have a vanguard with "Brawler" in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's rear-guards in the front row, and retire it.*

'Brawlers' have finally got a grade 3 unit which is not Legion support or Legion, but still I will still use 'Sky Beat Dragon' since I can perform Legion as well as retiring the front row just like this unit does. I love this card artwork I find it so cool, this card ability can work on the vanguard or the rear guard circles which is useful.

Nubatama Rules, New Critical Trigger Promo.

Stealth Beast, Tobihiko

What have been stopping me from playing Nubatama was not the deck, but it was the trigger line up. Rainbow trigger did not benefit me, but now with this new promo trigger which is strange, I can now run 8 Critical and 4 Draws. Now the only problem is, will Bushiroad gives support to this unsupported clan? Even with a few cards they are quite good, but what happen if they got decent support.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kagero (Perdition Imperial Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great) Deck Profile

Our good friend 'Dragonic Overlord' has evolved into a Legion unit, well we can see the evolution of 'Dragonic Overlord' from Season 1 all the way to Season 4. As always 'Dragonic Overlord' focus on attacking the rear guard first in order to make the unit stand. Now this card has joined 'Perdition' side but hopeffuly you can still use a few 'Overlord' support to support this card. This is Kai main avatar and it does suit him better than using 'Sing Saver'. 

The main unit of the deck which is supposed to be a great beater and a good pressure against your opponent. Unlike the other grade 3 'Perdition' units so far this card does not focus on retiring columns, but instead it attacks lthe rear guards. Well of course it attacks  the rear guards or no point calling this unit 'Dragonic Overlord The Great' then. There are many different type of builds you can use this card with, but I specifically chose something I prefer.

When this unit is Legion, after this unit attacks a rear guard and it does not need to be hit, you can pay two counterblasts and discarding one card to stand this unit which is quite good. There is one thing with this ability and it cannot combined with 'Dragonic Overlord' break ride which I wanted to but too bad. The effect cannot be used even if the effect is not pay, so it will be better excluding 'Dragonic Overlord' break ride with this card. The only problem I find with this card is discarding two cards, if you Legion early, you will not have a good amount of hand size because of guarding which might be problem to triggering it.

This unit have a second ability and a ability which is the same as any other Legion units, well some of them who requires the need of having a copy on the field. This ability does not require Legion to trigger it ability which is good, I do not like Legion restricted anyway. When this unit attack hits, you can retire one of your rear guard with the same name to retire one of your opponent rear guard. Although retiring one of your rear guard maybe a bad thing, but it is not too bad if you need to replace it anyway, so sacrificing for this card ability will be useful.

'Dragonic Neoflame' a card that I find 'Berserk Dragon' work really well and 'Vortex Dragonewt' if you run the unit in the deck. This card is the mate of 'Dragonic Overlord the Great' and the ability also work with 'Dragonic Overlord the Great' as well but that is only in the battle phase. The good thing about this card is that there is no phase restricted or Legion or sub clan, so this card make things much easier.

This card ability is only one turn ability so I don't really like it like that, I prefer it to be on the field, instead of one turn. But then again if it is on the field, it can make it a deadly card, since Kagero can do a lot of retiring, plus you only need to put an opponent rear guard into the drop zone by attacking. When this unit is called to the rear guards circle it gets counterblast one and when a unit is move to drop zone in the same column as this unit, you can choose an opponent rear guard in the same column as this unit and retire until the end phase.

I've decided to combine 'The Great' with 'Dauntless Drive' deck. I know I lose a grand total of five cards, but if it is only for one turn, I think it is worth it. This card will make 'The Great' attack three times, one of them will be on the rear guard which would not trigger this card skill. But out of six drive checks you loses five with this move, so I think it is a big lose if you do not finish it in one move. 

Combining with 'The Great' power, the grand total power unit will be 30k beater and your opponent will need at least two perfect guards to survive. Having trigger boosting the vanguard makes it definitely need your opponent to guard with perfect guard or they lose a lot of shields if they do not have any. Break riding on top of this card will let you attack the vanguard twice with the extra 10k bonus but the lost of three cards to make the vanguard stand again, but I guess it is worth it to use up nearly all of your opponent hand size.

Well we should not forget that 'Kagero' has an Limit Break enabler to make Limit Break 4 much faster and they work with break ride as well, but you do need to have this unit on the field before you break ride. Although there are a lot of times where I do not need an Limit Break enabler because I need the damage to use counterblasts, since some cards require certain combination which requires the right amount of counterblast to use the ability. 

We have two different first vanguard, but both mostly do the same thing when it comes to 'Dragonic Overlord'. One requires Legion and one requires 'Overlord' on the vanguard. I do not think it make a different if you are building a break ride Legion deck to see which vanguard fits in the deck, but if you are building a purely Legion deck then 'Petal Flare Dracokid' will be more suited since it focus on Legion more. 'Fargo' only focus on 'Overlord' unit unless you decided to use 'Dragonic Overlord' as a break ride unit. 

In the last 'Transcendence' deck there were 'Dominate Drive' which is a 12k beater but they are for 'Dauntless Drive' unit. If you are running 'Dauntless Drive' you can add 'Dominate Drive' to have a 12k beater rear guard which is better than waiting for another 'Perdition' unit to trigger 'Whirlwind Dragon' 12k beater ability. Although I would say this combination is for people who love to have beaters in their columns like me, but with 'Kagero', there are many units can work just as well as beaters.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Red Pulse Dracokid (First Vanguard)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Buster Rain Dragon (Critical)
x2 Perdition Dragon Knight, Tuvar (Critical)
x4 Gattling Claw Dragon (Draw)
x2 Seal Dragon, Artpique (Draw)
x4 Perdition Dancer, Agafia (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Dragon Monk, Gojo
x3 Perdition Dragon, Rampart Dragon (PG)
x3 Seal Dragon Spirit, Malkibel
x2 Lizard Soldier, Grom
x1 Perdition Dragon Knight, Sattal (QW)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Perdition Dragon, Dragonic Neoflame (Mate)
x4 Perdition Dragon, Whirlwind Dragon (12k Beater)
x4 Berserk Dragon

Grade 3 x8
x4 Dauntless Drive Dragon (Break Ride)
x4 Perdition Imperial Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great (Legion)

Weather Girl, Ramune Promo

Weather Girl, Ramune

*[AUTO]:During your opponent's turn, when this unit is put into the drop zone from (RC), draw a card.*

It was about time that we seen some OTT units since they rarely get any support, but then again other clans does not have much support either. Well this card is treated like an extra draw power, 
 make your opponent kill it to trigger the ability. Well too bad it is only 8k base power so hitting other units is thee problem.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Link Joker (Star-vader, Blaster Joker) Deck Profile

What be better constant lock or powering up while lock? I like to build this deck using my own style and when you have the right cards it becomes one very deadly deck. This is a deck that does not rely on using one card, but as a whole since I never like relying on one card when ever I used a deck. 'Blaster Joker' does not only lock all your opponent rear guards, but it also remove the Legion mate which means they cannot re-legion without riding over it. Well I was in a struggle when I first build this deck, my rear guards was not hitting units so it was quite annoying.

Well I would say so far this will be one of the strongest along with 'Chaos Breaker' in terms of ability. I do not bother if the unit is Legion or not, is all about having a good ability, and both of these units seems to have them. 'Blaster Joker' as you seen look like the 'Reverse' version of 'Blaster Blade' which is poor 'Blaster Blade'

When this unit is Legion, by paying two soul blast and two counterblasts. This cost is similar to 'Twin Gunner' if you people have used that card before. By paying this cost as well as locking one of your 'Star-vader' unit, it must be 'Star-vader' and none other else, you can lock all of your opponent rear guards and removed the Legion mate, it is excellent when your opponent is Legion. It will quite annoy them. Although removing Legion mate will not work on Limit Break units, but those Limit Break units will not get vanguard power alone. 

'Blaster Joker' has a second ability which is using copies to trigger the second ability. Although this ability will benefit filling the soul, so it will not be a problem if you will be soulless. By sending the same unit to soul, when 'Blaster Joker' attacks a vanguard, it gains +1 Critical bonus, which will put pressure to your opponent. Of course this second skill does not require Legion, so you can pull of Critical effect straight away without the need of Critical triggers.

At first I thought 'Blaster Joker' would be a grade 2 unit like all the other main 'Blaster' units, but it is not and instead it is a grade 3. But 'Photon' is the mate of 'Blaster Joker' which is Kourin card and it is combined with Aichi 'Blaster Joker'. Well I guess this explained everything that those two are together and want to stay together, like this card is shown.

Anyway with 'Blaster Joker' doing all the locking, you will not need to use 'Photon' ability unless you are using other units that only lock a few rear guards. 'Photon' can lock a unit when there is another lock unit on your opponent rear guards easily making a triangle lock which is popular in 'Link Joker' decks. For now it will only be used as a mate of 'Blaster Joker' because of locking all the rear guards, so you do not really need to use this card ability.

'Marron' has join the dark side and now it is called 'Mayaron' which there is a similar difference between the name. The artwork may not look like 'Marron' but judging by the name, I am guessing it is actually 'Marron' in reverse. Poor 'Royal' or 'Gold Paladin' unit who got reversed. It seems certain cards get the reverse version and not the whole deck which is thank goodness but kinda disappointing. It will be funny to use a whole deck of 'Reverse' Paladins, but it seems they only made a few of them.

'Mayaron' is a really useful unit that can help you to power up 'Blaster Joker', especially when 'Blaster Joker' lock your own units. By resting this unit, you can give 10k power to one of your Legion 'Blaster Joker', yes it must be Legion, in order to make this ability to work. You can call this unit using 'Colony Maker' ability but that only happens when your opponent have a lock unit on the rear guards and by the time you call this unit, your 'Blaster Joker' will already lock a unit, so this card must be call before 'Blaster Joker' ability and I would usually place it behind the Vanguard since the rear guards are better with boosting.

Now this unit must be reversed 'Gallatin' I am sure of it with the hair style and the artwork. Just like 'Marron' this card also support 'Blaster Joker', well I would not be surprised anyway since it is a 'Reverse' Paladin who support around 'Blaster Joker'. This unit isn't call 'Gallatin' instead it is called 'Dilaton' but with the name 'Silent Star-vader' at the beginning. Now I can tell this is the Reverse Gallatin unit.

This unit also work when your vanguard is Legion and your opponent unit have two or more locks. Now pulling two locks with 'Link Joker' is a very easy task, knowing that most of the grade 3 Legion do around two locks and more. By triggering this ability you can add 'Blaster Joker' to your hand. Look like 'Blaster Joker' is never ending for these cards.

Now there are many ways to use 'Blaster Joker' when it is added to your hand. First one you could ride over the Legion unit to perform another Legion. Second is to trigger 'Blaster Joker' second ability which is gaining a critical. These two are the main strategies I used, but I call one to the rear guard just to put off my opponent thinking. I do not want my opponent guessing what move I make and if I have another one already, you can just use the second unit as bait.

Since a grade 1 'Marron', a grade 2 'Gallatin' and 'Blaster Blade' is already reversed. They decided not to let this little one being alone when the other units are reversed. 'Wingal Brave' which is now called 'Brave Fang', but of course we can tell is our little puppy that got reversed, now I can really play a little role play and using a 'Royal Paladin' deck that lost to 'Link Joker' and got reversed to use these cards.

Unlike other Reverse paladin units, 'Brave Fang' does not need 'Blaster Joker' so other Link Joker units have advantages over using this card as their first vanguard. This card is similar to 'Robin Knight' but instead of locking two rear guards, it does an omega lock on two locked rear guards, which can buy some more time for you to use other cards which only works when you have lock units on your opponent rear guards. This card only work when the boosted unit hit and moving this card to the soul. 

Well I know a lot of people will prefer these two cards to be doing the job of constant locking a putting pressure against your opponent. If you have these two units boosting each other, you will be able to do two Omega Locks on your opponent rear guards which will hugely annoy them, but they can guard if they wanted to, but if they guard, they will not survive against the other attacks like a Legion attack. Although Omega Lock does have a weakness when it is against a 11k vanguard and you need something to lock, so it would not have enough power to hit, but I do not think I will need all of these cards in this deck.

You know what I hate the most is having a deck with only the Vanguard that get the power bonus and not equally sharing it to the rear guards to make it better. Because of 'Blaster Joker' locking all units, if you manage to lock five units, these cards will gain an extra 10k bonus and especially if they boosting one another making it really powerful. Even if your opponent manage to block the power of the Vanguard, it will be harder to block the rear guards coming along with it, but it is easy to block a unit without any power bonus at all. If only these unit gains 3k power, then it will be even better to use.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x18
x2 Star-vader, Brave Fang (First Vanguard)
x4 Star-vader, Apollo Nail Dragon (Critical)
x4 Star-vader, Null Chameleon (Critical)
x4 Vortex Star-vader, Molybdenum (Draw)
x4 Star-vader, Pixie Powder (Heal)

Grade 1 x14
x4 Star-vader, Bolt Line
x3 Demon Claw Star-vader, Lanthanum
x3 Minuscule Star-vader, Mayoron
x2 Barrier Star-vader, Promethium (PG)
x2 Star-vader, Rejection Dragon (QW)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Companion Star Star-vader, Photon (Mate)
x4 Furious Claw Star-vader, Niobium
x2 Silence Star-vader, Dilaton
x2 Star-vader, Colony Maker

Grade 3 x6
x4 Star-vader, Blaster Joker (Legion)
x2 Star-vader, Garnet Star Dragon (Legion)