Monday, 18 July 2016

Nubatama (Stealth Dragon, Shiranui)

 Grade 0: 17
1x Stealth Rogue of the Wintry Wind, Kamojigusa (SVG)
4x Stealth Dragon, Onibidoshi (stand)
2x Stealth Fiend, Mashiromomen (stand)
4x Stealth Dragon, Noroi (Crit)
2x Killing Method Stealth Rogue, Samidare (Crit)
4x Living Method Stealth Rogue, Shigure (Heal)

Grade 1: 14
4x Stealth Rogue of Veils, Kurenai (PG/Counter Charge)
4x Stealth Beast, Katarigitsune (Stride Enabler)
3x Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki
3x Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster

Grade 2: 11
4x Stealth Beast, Tamahagane
3x Stealth Rogue of Night Fog, Miyabi
4x Stealth Rogue of Night Fog, Agitomaru

Grade 3: 8
4x Stealth Rogue, Kukikiricongo (Break Ride)
4x Stealth Dragon, Shiranui
4x Stealth Dragon, Shiranui
2x Stealth Beast, Hagurejishi
2x Stealth Dragon, Kegareshinmyo

Grade 4 / G-Zone: 16
4x Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord
2x Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gedatsurakan
2x Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Tsukumorakan
2x Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Gounrakan
1x Six Realth Stealth  Dragon, Jorurirakan
1x Air Element, Sebreeze
1x Dark element, Dizmel
1x Metal Element, Scryew
2x Jinx Stealth Hermit, Abudataishi

What you guy's have been patiently waiting for, a Nubatama Deck profile. Nubatama, a clan that specialize in depleting your opponents hand resources as well as the field. Allowing you to take advantage of any situation given. You have to constantly be on the offense as well as play smart and defensively. And make your opponent think on there feet, one of my favorite clans because of how technical they are.

For the line up I run six stand triggers, six critical trigger, and four heal triggers. I started with twelve critical triggers but the deck works better with stands in it, because of Miyabi's and Agitomaru's effects. And the starter, Stealth Rogue of the Wintry Wind, Kamojigusa. I run him over the other starter mainly because you'll lack the soul to drop cards from the bind zone consistently and this guy counter charges and this deck can be counter blast heavy. 

For the grade one line up, i'm doing old school Nubatama with Fuuki and Dreadmaster. I took out Chiguremo because you don't really have a lot of cards with aftermage that will make the ability worth it. So your better off with Fuuki and Dreadmaster over him. Perhaps in the next set.

Grade two, i'm running Agitomaru because he drops cards from the bind zone after you use Tamahagane's skill. Kokujou and Nikibitabira are also good choices but I couldn't fill them in since the grade two slots are pretty much set and these cards are stables, Tamahagane, Miyabi, and Agitomaru to take advantage of binding cards from hand and field.

Grade three I have two line ups, You can run four Shiranui's and two of Hagurejishi and Kegareshinmyo. Or you can run the break ride line up which is my favorite personally because late game, there is literally nothing your enemy can do depending on what stride you can use in the situation. Also the break ride allows you to use Jorurirakan who is too good not to use. It's pretty much a free get rid of annoying cards from the field and hand.

G-zone, Obviously run four Agitolord, he's the boss shinobi of the deck, when he attacks you can make the enemy bind a card from the hand and he gets an extra crit if the enemy has three or less cards in hand (which he probably will). I run Gounrakan to get rid of a full field which is useful for that Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Royal Paladin, Neo Nectar, Nova Grappler, Aqua Force, Great Nature and sometimes Link Joker match up. Your enemy chooses two cards to keep on the field and the rest goes to his bind zone. This is on stride meaning you can use his ability before Shiranui's skill.

Tsukumorakan Gets rid of a huge hand again useful for Gold Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Link Joker (who's playing conservative), Neo Nectar, Bermuda, and Great Nature. Or any deck in general that's going to have a huge hand. Gedatsurakan is generally your first stride on Shiranui to force an opponent to PG or give up another card in his hand to the drop zone.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Gold Paladin (Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit)

Grade 0: 17
Knight of Early Dawn, Coel (Starter)
4x Nappagal Liberator (Heal) 
4x Flame of Victory (Critical Trigger)
4x Scarface Lion (Critical Trigger)
2x Gigantech Ringer (Stand Trigger) / Catchgal Liberator
2x Player of the Holy Pipe,  Herrie (Stand Trigger)

Grade 1: 14
2x Slaymy
4x Knight of Daybreak Light, Gorbaduk
4x Holy Mage Pryderi
4x Knight of Blooming Sun, Jeffry

Grade 2: 11
2x Holy Mage, Elio
4x Bururugal
3x Knight of Spring Light, Bellinor
2x Knight of Thin Sun, Marcia

Grade 3: 8
4x Knight of Rising Sunshine, Gurguit
2x Divinity Lancer Dragon
2x Dawngal

G-Zone / Grade4 : 16
1x Golden Dragon, Rise Shine Dragon
2x Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon
2x Golden Dragon, Spear Cross Dragon
2x Golden Knight of Incandensence, Ibracus
2x Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit
1x Golden Beast, Sleimy Flare
2x Sacred Prayer Master, Reia
1x Air Element, Seabreeze
1x Dark Element, Dizmel

Sorry about the long wait guys, thank you for being patient with this deck. I've done a lot of play testing in real life with this deck and it was hard to get certain cards.

Hello, welcome to Gold Paladin Gurguit's deck profile. Gold Paladin is a versatile clan that superior calls cards from the deck to fill up your formation. It has both offense and defense and can also gain hand advantage very easily. Also because of the new mechanic "unite" you can also gain advantage without striding though the deck works better with striding.

First we have the starters, Knight of Early Morning, Koel, Rising Lionet, and the Little Fighter Cron. The reason why I chose Koel over the other starters is because of the factor of Counter Blasting. The deck requires a lot of counter blasting especially if your facing a clan like Kagero or Narukami which will retire your formation which will require you to use Spear Cross Dragon to fill up your formation again. Though all options are very viable. Though my favorite is still Koel because he chains very well with Unite and setting up for end game / first stride. I'm running four stand triggers because of there effects, eight critical triggers because the clan also needs cards in the soul and also because of there effects and four heal.

For the grade ones we have four Jeffery which has the effect of going into the soul after boosting a unit so that you can draw a card. This will allow you to gain hand advantage even if you guarded a lot. Four stride enablers because of the stride format, four counter charge perfect guard because again, this is a counter blast heavy deck and you don't need quintet wall for this deck. And finally two Sleimy because he allows you to guard from the back row.

Grade two, there were so many options because of how vertasile the clan is, but based on my play testing, the best line up I've determined were four Bururgal, he allows you to hit the magic number and force your opponent to guard more than needed. Three Bellinor, he allows you to superior call another card behind him if needed. Two Marcia because she allows you to counter charge and also has resist. She has 8,000 attacking power but still very useful. And Two Elio, she also allows you to superior call a card on hit, and she goes to the soul. I chose her over Pywll because of the on hit effect allowing you to get another attack in, and because she goes to the soul.

The grade three line up, four Gurguit, he is the boss in the shield and sword. Having the ability to superior call a card from the deck and giving it power on stride. Also allowing you to guard from the deck as well. Two Dawngal because he can boost from the rearguard position, and two divinity lancer dragon because of his unite ability which makes him a 14,000 attack beater.

And the grade four line up. I admit, I had a lot of trouble with this because of how many options there are so this can be changed to however you see fit. I have one Seabreeze, he is for if your opponent decides not to stride when they are grade two, useful for playing against ripple decks. Also you can punish your opponent if they fail at a g-assist. Campbell, he can be taken out but I have one of him because he is an on hit ability and doesn't require a counter blast like Rising Shine Dragon. One rising Shine Dragon because if you stride on him, he enables generation break three on your next stride and allows you to be defensive if your behind for generation break two with Gurguit's skill.
Two Scourge point dragon, he's a promo but a very deadly one. He pumps up any card and himself that was called from the deck allowing for some insane numbers. Easily allowing you to push for your opponent to use up his hand, and forcing out perfect guards. Two Spear Cross Dragon, I have him because of the possible match up against Kagero or Narukami which will basically destroy your whole field. He allows you to fill up your field in no time. And chances are your field will stay on because they usually won't have any more resources to retire them again. Ebraucus because he's a good first stride option if you won't to fill up your field or if you don't know if your opponent has a perfect guard. Two Gurguit, four of them isn't needed, chances are if you stride on to one your pushing for game and have a full field. He's basically a better version of Soul Saver Dragon. One Dizmel, sometimes you don't want to lose certain rearguards, and you can easily guard if they attack your vanguard. This will force them to attack the vanguard for your rearguard will have resist. One Screwy for a bit of extra guard if the attack is too much. One Sleimy Flare, and two Reia for more g-guards.

Hope you like it, Enjoy.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Dark Irregulars (Blade Wing Reijy + Transcendent) Deck Profile

It is time, to travel back in time, and play with Blade Wings once again! I have started to enjoy going aggressive Blade Wings with Reijy. It makes for some very desperate plays, and a lot of deck burning, believe me. You'll love it, if you can make it to the striding. Just make sure, you don't deck out too soon. You'll see a lot of soul charging before grade 3, you can also decide to wait until you're at generation break 1. Either way is effective. 

Here, we have the beautiful little Reincarnation of Reijy. Using him can be both good and bad, it just requires timing. I'd recommend using him only when you can combo it with Doreen. Also, with his Soul Blast 15, to gain the power up and double crit, makes Tibold skill so much more efficient, so using that to your advantage to always have triggers and perfect guards in your deck available. And you'll never deck out, so if it is possible to survive a turn after you've used this effect, it'll only be used to your advantage.

 Tibold, is a nice little stride, being able to move all of your cards from drop zone to deck. Having him stride after the usage of Reijy, you lose the power boost, but you get a starting 5 soul charge. It isn't the worst drop in power, since you have the posibillity of drawing more triggers, during the checks. And also getting your guards back up. Perfect Guards for life.

Oh Blade Wing Sycus, how much I love you. This guys, and Dimension Creeper have the same effect when in soul. So having 4 of these and 4 Dimension Creepers in soul, makes for a nice combo with Doreen. The other effect, lets you soul charge when it's called to Rear Guard, and you have a Blade Wing vanguard. Combining this card, together with Reijy ride skill, can get you 6 cards in soul just from that.

Then we have Dimension Creeper, who doesn't like this guy, for soul charging purposes? And even if you don't get him out as a vanguard. you can always send him from the deck to soul with the effect of Greedy Hand and Reijy.

Greedy Hand as first vanguard? What's this? Old School Dark Irregulars? No matter, he's good and I like to combine him with the two units above. They make for some nice filling for the soul. Using him will never be a waste, in my opinion. 

Angel Feather (Black Seraph, Gavrail) Deck Profile

There are plenty of Angel Feather cards to make this completely different Gavrail build. With the amount of combination, this deck is so fun to mess with the build and finding what kind of cards would help the deck. I kinda focus on Rescue and using the Rescue ability to provide power and call using the damage zone. The new way of dealing damage to yourself is quite helpful especially when it comes to triggers like critical, adding the pressure on your units against your opponent since the triggers are performed when the Rescue abilities activate. I actually quite like the Rescue ability although I wouldn't really have a full deck of Rescue units since I like to add power in my Angel Feather decks to become even more offensive.

Rescue is a new ability that deals damage to yourself which is good for Gabriel, Broken Heart and Pegasus when it comes to defense and offense. With this, you can trigger the abilities of triggers which help your units gained the extra bonus. Of course if you running stands, your units won't get affected much unless they are resting only just the power up bonus they will gain from that stand trigger. I kinda like the mechanic but at the same time if the cards that only works in the damage zone ended up in your hand then they become useless unless you find a way to put them in the damage zone again. 

Black Seraph, Gavrail, a grade 4 that utilizes the power of Rescue but unlike the other Rescue units which does it one at a time, this unit deals you two damage instead of one, but that two damage could include triggers that might help the deck even if you didn't triple drive any during the turn. When I say this, it means this card skill only work after this unit attacked a unit, which makes sense really since you could stack triggers on top of this card if it works at the beginning.

However triggering this card Rescue ability is different from how you trigger any other grade 4 abilities. This card only works if a unit is put into the damage zone this turn so you can trigger Gavrail Rescue 2 ability. Its actually not hard to pull if you have units that can trigger during the battle phase since it is a must for this card to work unlike other G units which works during main phase or on hit skill. But it is a handy skill once you triggered it, This card will at least help you get some triggers out of the five cards you will pull, triple drive and self two damage, but you could be unlucky and get no triggers out of the five cards.

Gavrail the main grade 3 of the deck, well of course everything will be resolve around this card. This card helps you guard as well as calling units from your damage zone as long as they are face up. The best handy skill to use and not only that if you include Rescue which deals self damage this card power will be boosted, well I don't think Rescue activate during your opponent turn, then again there's really no need. 

Generation Break 2, when there's a card that moves to the damage zone all of your front row units gains 2k power. With Broken Heart thats actually 4k defense assuming you don't have five cards in your damage zone and if you got 2 Broken Heart thats 6k defense, who needs G guardians when you got all these power. We all know that the more cards in damage zone the more choices you could select to call from. Well I rarely get to activate this card Generation Break 2 because I am usually on five damage since I need it unless I am somehow lucky with heals.

The striding ability of this card is to look at the top three cards, put it to the damage zone and then choose a face up card in the damage zone and call it. it gains 2k power and put the rest to the bottom of the deck in any order.Remember to put them at the bottom since the cards doesn't get shuffle so remember which orders you will put them at the bottom. If they are triggers it be much easier choices.

We have another new Pegasus with black wings. Although this Pegasus works different compare to the others you have seen so far. The good point about this card is that no counterblast needed to trigger this card skill but it is a on hit skill. Well at least it is good for adding pressure to your opponent unlike Calamity Flame which only gives power bonus and no pressure at all.

If this unit attack hits a vanguard, you can give one of your other unit 2k bonus and then heal yourself a damage then deal one to your vanguard. Well I guess it's good for getting early triggers on the vanguard especially when you manage to check a critical putting pressure early on your opponent. It is a useful card to use indeed especially that on hit skill which makes your opponent guard, if they don't get you might get a chance of checking triggers. 

I guess this card is like a improvement of Nociel, well Nociel needs Nociel support and this card needs Gavrail. This card is actually good for units who ended up in your hand but only activates when they are called from the damage zone or move to the drop zone from damage zone. Gotta love huge text *joke*, even though it has huge text its actually a simple cost to use. 

Only works by paying one counterblast, soul blast and putting one card from your hand to damage zone and the need of Gavrail on the vanguard circle. You can choose one face up card in damage zone and call it to rear guards and it gains 2k power as well. Then deal one damage to your vanguard. On the looks of things it seems you have to have one extra damage, but that one extra damage could be useful to activate your other card skills.

Black Bomber, Malik, a very useful unit indeed, well only works once per card and being called from the damage zone as well. Getting this unit on the damage zone should not be too difficult to do since we have Gavrail grade 3 and Harut to do the job. But one thing for sure is that this card is actually useful with Gavrail grade 4 so you can trigger the Rescue 2 ability since this card works during the battle phase. At the end of the battle that this unit attacked or boosted against the vanguard, you can choose one card in your damage zone and heal it, then choose one of your vanguard and deal damage to it.

Deck Recipe

Grade 0 x 17
x1 Black Report, Ridwan (First Vanguard)
x4 Black Spark, Munkar (Critical)
x4 Critical Hit Angel (Critical)
x4 Doctoroid Refros (Stand)
x4 Sunny Smile Angel (Heal)

Grade 1 x 14
x4 Doctroid Remnon (PG)
x4 Black Call, Nakir (Grade 1 Strider)
x3 Black Bomber, Malik
x3 Thousand Ray Pegasus

Grade 2 x 11
x4 Black Dream, Zabaniya
x4 Nurse of Broken Heart
x3 Black Slice, Harut

Grade 3 x 8
x4 Black Shiver, Gavrail (Strider)
x2 Requiem Pegasus
x2 The Phoenix, Calamity Flame

G Zone x 16
xBlack Seraph, Gavrail
x4 Holy Seraph, Raphael
x2 Holy Seraph, Uriel
x1 Holy Seraph, Raziel
x1 Air Element, Sebreeze
x2 Holy Seraph, Orifiel (G Guard)
x2 Holy Seraph, Suriel (G Guard)

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dimension Police (Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop) Update Deck Profile

Hello Justice, my old friend. It's been a little over a year and a month since the Dimension Police Extra Booster (Not Clan Booster sadly), was released and up until now, Grandgallop wasn't so grand. He was neat, and probably a nice backup to Metalborgs, but his own deck suffered from instability as most support cards and strides were mostly On-Hit.

The good news is that he's got new support and the deck went from mediocre to a heck of a lot of fun. His GB 2 skill is easy to access in case you're unable to stride and his Break Stride skill offers a nice free boost in that +4k power up. I generally find myself only using the CB 1 Draw skill only if I have enough to spare as counterblast is still important in this deck. The G-Zone expansion has given Gallop much more room to work with and made his original 'finisher' stride even more deadly closer to endgame.

The new stride of this deck is none other than Gallop himself! He's upgraded to a new form which offers a deadly skill that seems to define how Dimension Police works. Great Daikaiser gave us Triple Drive before strides came into place, and now for the first time we're introduced to a 'Quad Check', allowing four consecutive drive checks which can offer make or break the match. For each X-Gallop in the G-Zone, all front row rear guards gain +4k power. This doesn't seem like much now, but once you see how Burst works in this deck, you'll be wondering if you're playing Dimension Police or Great Nature. 

The Rear Guard power up demands that X-Gallop have 40k power or more which is easily attainable as his own breakstride skill offers a free +4k and the rear guards explained later are just made to keep powering up the centre line. 

With Quad-Check, you might be immediately rushing off to think 'Commander Laurel' but unfortunately Cosmic Heroes are beginning to shape up to be a deck that enjoys rear guard swings and stand triggers. I don't even recommend putting in one copy, mostly because you'll be finding that your rear guards are causing more trouble than the -potentially- extra drive checks could anyways. 

 The new back-up Grade 3 for Gallop gives us a good idea of the new keyword 'Burst'. Burst activates when your Vanguard reaches a certain amount of power and it begins to siphon and bounce off to your other rear guards. Grandmantle has two skills to take note of. The first is only usable on the rear guard and it is an ACT, CB1. If your Vanguard is 15000 power or greater, it gains +4k itself. On top of that, if your Vanguard's power is 35000 or more, you add an additional +4k onto your Vanguard. Would have been preferred to be able to bounce onto a rear guard, but in this deck, the more power the Vanguard has, the better. 

His second skill is on the VG only, CB1, SB1. When you ride this card you may pay the cost to check the top 5 cards of your deck for any card with the Burst skill and put it into your hand. This is useful as it can search out a Revolver or many of the new Grade 1's (Perfect Guard included) or can fetch another Grandmantle for next turn stride fodder. 

This is the card that really makes the deck all about swinging with rear guards and causing even higher columns. Grandrevolver's Burst skill is an ACT, CB1. If your vanguard's power is 15000 or greater, you pay the cost to give another rear guard -and Revolver himself- +4k power. On top of that, if your Vanguard's power is 30000 or more, it gains a skill that allows you to Countercharge 2 when it hits a vanguard. This already makes the card good pressure in powering up other lanes and getting those much needed counterblasts back. 

Oh. It also has Resist. This gives a MUCH needed breath of relief from control clans such as Kagero, Link Joker, Narukami, and Megacolony as it's unable to be targetted by skills from the enemy unless it targets the specified row or column. The main Grade 2 of your deck and having a pair of them out at the same time is bound to make your opponents rage. 

The Glimmer Breath clone for Grandgallop is much better than I was expecting. When called to rear guard, pay his cost of CB1 & SB1 to give himself and the Vanguard +4k power. In addition, he gives the Vanguard a skill where if the power is 40000 or more when attacking, you draw a card. Giving more power and automatically drawing cards is definitely a strong point in this deck, especially when you factor in X-Gallop's Quad Check. If your attack ends up hitting, you will have drawn 6 cards that turn! (4 from Drive Check, 1 from Grandrifter, and 1 from Gallop's on-hit skill). The art is definitely a good factor with the whole 'desperado cowboy' look to him and it's a solid card. I recommend at least 2-3 of him per deck as the counterblast begins to add up and you want to save some for other cards. 

I have to say I love the colours that the Cosmic Heroes have started to show off. Grandreef is a Burst Perfect Guard with a skill that lets him hit the field and bounce back when you're done with it. 

ACT, SB1. If your Vanguard's power is 30000 or more, this unit gains a skill to return to your hand at the end of the turn. Then, if your Vanguard's power is 35000 or more, this unit gains +4k. 

This skill is good mostly because it uses Soulblast instead of heavily needed Counterblast, allows for a 10k booster, and bounces a much needed PG back to your hand. Some decks that chew through counterblast will find that they will prefer Grandguard over Reef, but I've found him to be more useful in situations where I have a bad hand and still need some good powered columns. 

Finally, some ladies! With a basic skill, but a crucial one and a big reason I encourage stand triggers in this deck. Grandlady's skill is for her to rest herself and give the Vanguard +4k power. On top of that, if the Vanguard has a Burst ability, you may give another rear guard +4k as well. Considering X-Gallop himself has Burst, this card can chain a big amount of power ups in one turn, and if you're lucky with the stand triggers, she can pop right back up to boost a Revolver in front of her. 

The best part about this card is also the lack of a GB1 requirement. This allows Grandlady a great deal of flexibility in not just Gallop decks, but even Enigman, Zeal, and Metalborgs where the free +4k power ups are always welcome. 

Last but certainly not least, we have our new Starting Vanguard. Cosmic Hero Grandhop's art is very smooth and his effect makes this deck much more fun to work with. If you rest this unit, and your Vanguard's power is 25000 or more, you choose any unit and give it +4k power. Then if your Vanguard's power is 35000 or greater, you put it into your soul to countercharge 1, and draw a card. This is a very good card mostly to refill the soul for Grandrifter and Grandreef's skills as well as giving that much needed countercharge that you'll notice the deck chews through. 

The addition of a draw makes him much more reliable than Grandseed who originally was strong On Hit draw pressure, but the deck seems to have focused more on stable power ups and on-attack draws. 

With the introduction of G-Guardians, Dimension Police were given a card that has a great skill for a cheap cost, and it happens to be illustrated by one of my favourite Vanguard artists; DaisukeIzuka! X-Carivou (Or X-Calibur as I've been calling it), gives a base 15k shield when placed on Guardian Circle. If your opponent's attacking unit is 30000 or greater, you gain an additional 10k shield and add 4k power to your Vanguard until end of turn. This means from discarding -one- Heal Trigger to G Guardian, you gain a total of 29000 shield without having to pay any big cost! Not much else to say but an amazing skill and fantastic art. 


Deck Recipe

Grade 0 x 17
x1 Cosmic Hero, Grandhop (First Vanguard)
Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat (Critical)

x2 Justice Gold (Critical)
x4 Operator Girl, Reika (Stand)
x2 Cosmic Hero, Grandskold (Stand)
x4 Operator Girl, Erika (Heal)

Grade 1 x 14
x4 Cosmic Hero, Grandreef (PG)
x4 Cosmic Hero, Grandrope (Grade 1 Strider)
x4 Cosmic Hero, Grandlady
x2 Cosmic Hero, Grandvehicle

Grade 2 x 12
x4 Cosmic Hero, Grandrevolver
x4 Cosmic Hero, Grandrifter (Glimmer Clone)
x4 Cosmic Hero, Grandsub

Grade 3 x 7
x4 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop
x3 Great Cosmic Hero, Grandmantle

G Zone x 16
x4 Super Cosmic Hero, X-gallop
x4 Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger
x2 Super Cosmic Hero, X-phoenix
x2 Enigman Patriot (G Guard)
x2 Super Cosmic Hero, X-carivou (G Guard)
x1 Super Cosmic Hero, X-rogue

x1 Air Element, Sebreeze

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Royal Paladin (Sanctuary Guard Arc) Deck Profile

At long last new support for Sanctuary Guard got released in Japanese only. I have no clue in when this will come out in English and if it does it might be big. Even I will be using Sanctuary Guard more than my Ezer deck that I have in real life because I love early rush. For those who doesn't know Sanctuary Guard is a deck that focus on powering up grade 1 or less units or using grade 1 or less units to power themselves up. Either way it actually make the full use of the grade 1s or less units we have on the field rather than grade 2s and grade 3s. I combined this deck with Garmore/Snogal combo because of speed and easier to call them out from deck since we also have grade 2 units who can call grade 2s. 

This deck will have a mixture of Limit Break and Generation Break unit which is useful in my opinion since it's good against people who couldn't ride grade 3s on the vanguard even though you have Sebreeze but thats only triggering Generation Break 1 units and nothing else. With a Limit Break unit you could do more, for Sanctuary Guard Dragon thats gaining crazy power on the vanguard circle and Sanctuary Guard Arc is a Generation Break 2 unit so activating Sebreeze won't help that card at all. I decided to go with 12 Critical build, well with the amount of deck thinning the deck does it's really not impossible pulling double or triple critical to finish off your opponents.

The new Sanctuary Guard G unit, Sanctuary Guard Imperial. This card puts pressure toward your opponents unlike Sanctuary Guard Regalia who only powers up the front row. Although I do feel like it's quite a waste wasting a good high power unit but then again if it's for triggering this card skill then it's worth the waste. It will definitely force your opponent to guard but they could guard this card instead of the rear guard. 

The skill of this card is only once per turn but become very handy for early pressure, you don't have to waste Saint Blow skill.  You can pay one counterblast to let one of your rear guard gains 3k power for each grade 1 or less rear guard you got then if that unit hits a vanguard, this unit gains 10k power and +1 critical. Well pressuring your opponent is always a good thing and forcing them to use all their best shields to block. Unlike Saint Blow which can only be used twice, this card can be used up to four times. 

Sanctuary Guard Arc the strider for Sanctuary Guard. We seen this used in the anime but the skill was not fully comfirmed. Now this card is released we could put this card to use and it is quite a useful card to use too. It works like Sanctuary Guard Dragon. The Generation Break 2 of this card is to let your grade 1 or less rear guards gains 5k bonus, and all of them gains 5k bonus, not the front row only like Regalia.

For this card striding skill it is basically the same as Sanctuary Guard Dragon second skill but with extra bonus like 3k power for the called unit and the vanguard unit. Quite handy if you ask me, I would prefer this unit on the vanguard when it comes to striding, but when it comes to non striding, I guess I'll let Sanctuary Guard Dragon to throw down the power. However Sanctuary Guard Arc have a decent Generation Break 2 skill which really brings out the deadly grade 1 units. 

Well it was either Sanctuary Guard Dragon or Sanctuary Guard Guarantee but Guarantee 10k base power really hurts when guarding attacks and plus your opponent only need to make 15k power to force you to guard with a 10k shield instead of a 5k shield. So Sanctuary Guard Dragon would a much preferable option not to mention it also have Limit Break as well as a second skill. The Limit Break skill is that this unit gains 3k power for each grade 1 or less rear guards you have on the field.

The second skill is basically similar to Sanctuary Guard Arc but instead, the skill is once per card. By discarding a card from your hand you can call a grade 1 or less unit from your deck. Usually this card works well with Limit Break enabler that enables you to activate Limit Break easily. However you don't need that card anymore since Sanctuary Guard have become more stride focus so you can focus on striding rather than triggering Limit Break early.

What I like about this card is that is very suitable for any decks as long as you have the right amount of grade 1s on the field. But this specifically designed more for Sanctuary Guard than anything else, well I still use this card in some of my decks. The requirement for this card is easy to fill, just need two or more grade 1 or less units on the rear guard circle. so Battle Song Angel can become a 9k booster and if you have a 12k beater these two cards will become 21k beater altogether. 

Not only that, this card gains an extra bonus, the power of Resist. Yes the worst thing about this deck is people wiping out those grade 1 or less rear guards, even though it is still easy to break through resist by using column retiring/lock. However this will still reduce the chances for this card being targeted by your opponent card skills and will help Sanctuary Guard keeps their powering up bonus because of this card.

Well I guess when it comes to a deck who relies on grade 1 or less rear guards, Jumpgal is heavily recommended. Well even though I said heavily recommended, you still don't have to run it. For a deck like Sanctuary Guard who can easily call tons of grade 1s to the rear guards, it won't be surprise if this card was in the way. 

Anyway, this card acts like a grade 2 when you manage to fill in the requirements. If you got two or more grade 1 or less rear guards, this card gains 5k bonus and the power to Intercept your opponent units. Of course it will be better if you run more than one copy of this card, but then again a 10k beater isn't that much effective than a 11k beater or a 12k beater who could deal damage on their own. 

Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Jumpgal (First Vanguard)
Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (Critical)

x4 Burning Mane Lion (Critical)
x4 Knight of Flash (Critical)
x4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (Heal)

Grade 1 x15
x4 Hope Keeper (PG)
x4 Battlesong Angel
x4 Snogal
x3 Laurel Knight, Sicilus (Grade 1 Strider)

Grade 2 x10
x4 Transmigration Knight, Brede (12k Beater)
x3 Beast Knight, Garmore
x3 Starlight Violinist

Grade 3 x8
x4 Sanctuary Guard Arc (Strider)
x4 Sanctuary Guard Dragon (Limit Break)

G Zone x16
x4 Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon
x4 Holy Dragon, Sanctuary Guard Regalie
x3 Holy Dragon, Sanctuary Guard Imperial
x2 Dark Element, Dizmel (G Guard)
x2 Metal Element, Scryew (G Guard)
x1 Air Element, Sebreeze

Friday, 27 May 2016

Kagero (Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten") Deck Profile

Guess it is kinda sad if the blog stop posting, so I am just going to post the main decks only. Found some helpers and that will reduce my workload since I don't have time to post all the decks. Lets say one thing WELCOME BACK Blademaster, after a long few sets you finally got supported with the new ability Blaze. Unfortunately even though I have Blademaster I prefer the good old Overlord deck since that what Eternal Flames was made off. Overlord! so I'm going to have to sell my Blademasters and Twilight Dragon, but hey they might sell for a high price because G-BT01 is harder to get a hold off. 

Blaze is an ability that activates at the beginning of attack step and if you got more rear guards than your opponent and your vanguard become Blaze. You only need to Blaze once to trigger the card skill and for Blademaster activating Blaze is an easy task. At first I thought the ability Blaze was awful but then it made sense for a heavy retiring deck like Blademaster who can easily trigger this new ability. Then I went totally in love with Blaze, I don't know, I still feel like selling Blademaster though since I have an Overlord deck with me. 

I found this hilarious, one day a person asked me what will this card skill will be on Skype, and I said it might get retiring and critical ability. Then next this card was revealed and I laughed lol. When I did not discuss the cost but the skill was like haha it has retiring and critical. I'm not even psychic but I guessed it since it's Bushiroad and the previous grade 4s that have been revealed for other clans grade 3 units. Then again it makes sense for Taiten to gain +1 critical because of Blademaster Generation Break 2 ability who gains +1 critical when you attack and have more rear guards than your opponent. I love that ability. 

Like I mentioned in the paragraph this card skill is basically retiring and gaining +1 critical. It has a once per turn ability which you can only use this once per turn and a generation break 2 skill. To be honest Generation break 2 does not take long anymore as long as you G guard first then you can play any Generation break 2 skill as first strider. Cards like this who gains +1 critical can really pressure your opponent during their early turn, assuming they didn't get a perfect guard already or G guard to guard with. This card is not a persona flip so you do not have to flip the same copy but I would advise to flip the first copy first time so you can at least retire a unit since this card retire units for every Taiten flipped face up in the G zone. Well the good news is you can use this up to 3 times, but it doesn't matter if this is not your finisher because some of Kagero OP strides.

Obviously the main grade 3 unit of this deck especially a retiring deck to trigger Blaze ability is Blademaster. In the past Blademaster have save me many of times because of the Generation Break 2 ability and I did not have the cost to stride. It gains 5k bonus and not only that it gains +1 critical if you got more rear guards than your opponent. For a Kagero deck the requirement is really easy to pull since they mostly retire unless you are using Overlord who stands their vanguard and attack but they still have some retiring abilities or ways to remove people RGs. 

For this card on stride ability, you pay one counterblast to retire a rear guard. Simple enough no additional bonus since thats where other Kagero unit skill kicks in. Although Kagero was known as very heavy counterblast based if it wasn't for Aetniki and Protect Orb who have been doing unflipping for Kagero so you can constantly use the skills all the time. The deck would not last long. However for this G-BT07 support, the new cards seems to power up the deck even better. 

Whats good about this ability? NO GENERATION BREAK!, REAR GUARD AND VANGUARD SKILL! and can be CONSTANTLY USE. One of the best grade 3s for a retiring deck in my opinion and hey Sutherland got an upgrade, too bad it didn't join Overlord but sided with Blademaster instead. Okay this card have two different abilities, for the first ability is constantly retiring, well if you manage to place a card in the same column as this unit and your opponent have a unit in the same column. Then again this card will shut that column because of the retiring ability as long as you don't have a unit behind this card.

The second skill was designed to make combo with the first skill, the second skill is similar to the original Sutherland how you need Reas to gain extra bonus. However this time Reas is a perfect guard and this card gains 4k power if you have Reas behind the back row of this unit meaning a constant 21k beater. My kind of liking for hitting 11k vanguards and forcing my opponents to guard with 15k shield or even a G guard. Only works if your vanguard is Blazing though which is simple to do. It's a simple 4k bonus but with a 6k booster for Reas it's really deadly and Reas can go back to your hand by paying one soul blast after it boosted so you can trigger Sutherland first skill. 

This is like the most powerful grade 2 unit we ever saw unlike the others. For Blademaster doing a full retiring is simple enough, although it doesn't have the ability Blaze so you will need cards that can trigger Blaze early. It gains 2k bonus and retiring one grade 1 or less on your opponent field. If this unit is blazing this unit gains 2k extra power for every opponent open rear guards, so if your opponent got five empty rear guards thats 10k bonus plus the 2k on top meaning 21k beater. Gotta love crazy power thats what retiring Kagero is all about. Then again other clans gain crazy power through their own methods, like Angel Feathers through damage zone, Dimension Police through Vanguard etc.

The worst part about Aetniki is that the skill can only be used once per card, once you used up Aetniki is all over for counter charging, this is why timing must need for that card to when to use it and how to use it. But not anymore, I think this card can just replace it even though it's only once per turn its still better to keep this card on the field rather than anywhere else. Not only that Nadel gains 4k bonus as well meaning this card will become a 11k booster. These only work if your vanguard is blazing though which shouldn't be a problem for Blademaster to do.


Grade 0x17
x1 Red Pulse Dracokid (First Vanguard)
x4 Dragon Knight, Jannat (Critical)

x3 Spiritburn Dragon (Critical)
x3 Gattling Claw Dragon (Draw)
x2 Seal Dragon, Artpique (Draw)
x4 Dragon Monk, Genjo (Heal)

Grade 1 x14
x4 Protect Orb Dragon (PG)
x4 Lava Flow Dragon (Grade 1 strider)
x3 Dragon Knight, Nadel
x3 Dragon Monk Gyokuryu

Grade 2 x11
x4 Dragon Knight, Jabad (12k Beater)
x4 Dragon Knight, Nadim
x3 Radiant Dragon

Grade 3 x8
x4 Dragonic Blademaster (Strider)
x4 Dragon Fang Chain-bullet, Sutherland

G Zone x16
x4 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster "Taiten"
x4 Transcendence Divine Dragon, Nouvelle Vague L’Express
x2 Flame Emperor Dragon King, Asyl Orb Dragon (G Guard)
x2 Flame Wing Steel Beast, Denial Griffin (G Guard)
x2 Flame Emperor Dragon King, Root Flare Dragon
x1 Divine Dragon Knight, Mahmud
x1 Air Element, Sebreeze

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Aqua Force - First Wave Legion!

Deck Function

I know what you're all thinking? This looks like any Aqua Force deck but with the inclusion of Tetra-Burst? HOW DARE I???

Well to make a long explanation short... Tetra-Burst on its own is highly generic and offers little to no real advantage in the present times. Yes, its one of the natural highest powered Legions out there and its a consistent 2* Critical. Currently, it's very easy to block especially since its only a ~Twin Drive~, but its main role is actually to perform Legion and shuffle the triggers back into the deck to help "Trigger" even harder with Strides the following turns.

The alternate focus of this deck is to actually use Thavas if possible, otherwise just sit on Tetra-Burst until you can no longer stride, run low on cards in the deck, or want to pressure the opponent with a guaranteed 2* Critical.

The GRADE 2 line-up is meant to accommodate for all 3 of the Vanguards, Tetra-Burst support is only good if you are in "Legion", and in present times, you want to "Stride" as much as possible! So to make up for that 4th Wave for Thavas, G-Units, and Tetra-Burst's skill I included Magnum and Tidal Assault to enable it in a generic setting. Now you're thinking why Adelaide? Well, notice how Thavas can be a potential Vanguard, and you have more chances of him NOT being the Grade 3 go to. However you have the option of Striding into Commander Thavas! This stride will enable you to make FULL use of any Thavas related cards you might have in hand. Because you can control the situation of when to stride into Thavas to make full use of his support, this allows you to make optimal rush-downs on your opponent while taking full advantage of the drawing and multi-attacking units.

As for Tetra-Burst, its support comes from the GRADE 1's. The penguin is there to help you search for extra copies of Tetra-Burst so you can stride easier, call units if you keep losing them or to ride and perform "Legion" to shuffle triggers back into the deck. Since, you can never have enough triggers! Am I right?! Wheel Assault is there to help correct columns where Magnum/Tidal Assault are not present, or you got pushed into a corner and had to resort to creating a traditional Aqua Force Column (Grade 2's and 3's). The seagull is there to help you create optimal pushes with units that may need to be called but cannot be utilized to their fullest. It helps you hit the magic numbers with weaker units providing an additional safeguard in case you had to make sub-optimal columns. Such as using Starless while using a G-Unit.

Feel free to play around with the deck list, I've gone through 4 other variations of my Tetra-Burst deck. I use Sebastian as an early game tech since he provides an insane amount of pressure if going first since its a better OG Malestrom with no cost or restriction and easier to use... I cannot believe OG Malestrom got outclassed by a common Grade 3 unit. I will also add a couple other possible lists for those that want more ideas. But I made this since Aqua Force Legion is greatly overlooked due to how bad all of them are sadly. So, I'm doing my best to create the most competitive deck for them, possible.


~ Navataru ~

Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-Burst

 (Sadly not a "Blue-Wave")


GRADE 4: (16)
Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Flotia x 4 (G-Guardian)
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros x 4
Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas x 4 
Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon x 2
 Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Khristos x 1
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Aristotle x 1

GRADE 3: (8)
Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-Burst Dragon x 4 (Legion)
 One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas x 2
Blue Storm Marine General, Sebastian x 2

GRADE 2: (12)
Magnum Assault x 4
Blue Storm Marine General, Starless x 2 (Mate)
Tidal Assault x 4
Battle Siren, Adelaide x 2

GRADE 1: (13)
Kelpie Rider, Nikki x 3
Paschal (Perfect Guard) x 4
Penguin Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet x 2
Wheel Assault x 2
  Dispatch Mission Seagull Soldier x 2

GRADE 0: (17)
 Bubble Edge, Dracokid x 1
Battle Siren, Mallika x 4 (Draw)
Supersonic Sailor x 4 (Critical)
Kelpie Rider, Petros x 4 (Critical)
Medical Officer of the Blue Storm Fleet x 4 (Heal)

I'm Not-Rich Version Pure Blue-Storm
GRADE 4: (16)
Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Flotia x 4 (G-Guardian)
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros x4
Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon x4
 Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Khristos x2
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Aristotle x2

GRADE 3: (8)
Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-Burst Dragon x 4 (Legion)
 One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas x 2
Blue Storm Marine General, Sebastian x 2

GRADE 2: (12)
Magnum Assault x 4
Blue Storm Marine General, Starless x 2 (Mate)
Battle Siren, Adelaide x 4
High Tide, Sniper x 2

GRADE 1: (13)
Kelpie Rider, Nikki x2
Paschal (Perfect Guard) x 4
Penguin Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet x 2
Stacia x 3
  Dispatch Mission Seagull Soldier x 2

GRADE 0: (17)
 Battle Cadet, Andrei x 1
Any Trigger x 4 (Draw)
Any Trigger x 4 (Critical)
Any Trigger x 4 (Critical)
Any Trigger x 4 (Heal)
GRADE 4: (16)
Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Flotia x 4 (G-Guardian)
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros x4
Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas x 4
Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon x2
 Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Khristos x1
Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Aristotle x1

GRADE 3: (8)
Blue Storm Wave Dragon, Tetra-Burst Dragon x 4 (Legion)
Blue Storm Marine General, Sebastian x4

GRADE 2: (12)
Magnum Assault x 4
Blue Storm Marine General, Starless x 2 (Mate)
Tidal Assault x 4
High Tide, Sniper/ Couple Dagger Sailor x 2

GRADE 1: (13)
Kelpie Rider, Nikki x4
Blue Storm Shield, Homerus (Perfect Guard) x 4
Stacia x 3
  Dispatch Mission Seagull Soldier x 2

GRADE 0: (17)
Bubble Edge, Dracokid x 1
Battle Siren, Mallika x 4 (Draw)
Supersonic Sailor x 4 (Critical)
Kelpie Rider, Petros x 4 (Critical)
Medical Officer of the Blue Storm Fleet x 4 (Heal)