Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Acquirer Deletor, Igor

Acquirer Deletor, Igor

*[AUTO]: Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))

[Put this unit into your soul] When your opponent's vanguard is deleted, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card, choose a card from your damage zone, and turn it face up*

Link Joker very first unflipper and it is for the 'Deletors'. Could 'Deletors' really change the way 'Link Joker' are at the moment? Well we have to find out what the rest of the trial deck have in store for us. It is amazing that how these forerunners are beginning to get into the trial decks, but since it is the trial deck these forerunner will not be the best. Even though I think this is one of the best forerunner for the trial deck, since you can unflip a damage and draw at the same time. I am kinda guessing that 'Deletors' are very heavy counterblasts, so this is why they definitely need unflippers.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great Nature (Magic Scientist Tester Fox) Deck Profile

Alright guys, I know I haven't posted a deck profile in a while but that's because i'm in the Navy so I rarely have any time to post.  This is a Great Nature deck profile for the promo card, Magic Scientist Tester Fox. It doesn't have a lot of synergy with the rest of the Great Nature units aside from it's mate and it self. But this is the best I can do without Great Nature receiving more support. I focused more on a draw stand point and to try to abuse the 4k power you'd be getting. I cannot record since Camtasia Studio expired when I upgraded it.

1x Blackboard Ohm - starter
3x Eraser Alpaca(Stand)
3x Alarm Chicken (Stand)
3x Ruler Chameleon(Crit)
3x Triangle Cobra(Crit)
4x Dictionary Goat(Heal)

3x Loop-the-loop Duckbill
4x Pencil Squire Hammsuke
2x Taping Cat
3x Cable Sheep
2x Washup Racoon

3x Binocular Tiger
4x Pencil Knight Hammsuke
4x Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox (Mate)

4x Magic Scientist Tester Fox
4x Chatnoir

Now for my choices, you can start with Acorn Master if you so please too, I understand a lot of people prefer the eight grade three's with break ride. The break ride for this deck is there to receive a lot of pluses on draws. For my trigger line up six stands and six crit because great nature can essentially make attacks un-guardable without a quintet wall or Perfect guard when it gets going. If you can restand the unit with a crit your either going to deplete your enemies hand to nothing and put him in very uncomfortable situations.

For the grade 1 line up, i'm running three perfect guards instead of four.. I needed the space for extra units, and I feel since Great Nature has a lot of draw power you can easily get those perfect guards in your hand. Taping cat for a bit of extra draw power. Washup Racoon to get cards back into your deck if you cannot re-legion. So this is to get your hammsuke's back and your mate. Hammsuke is to thin your deck so you will have a higher chance at getting double triggers late game, and duckbill is a standard for draw power.

For my grade two line up i'm running the standard three binoculars tiger and four hammsuke. The only thing I changed honestly is adding in the four Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox which is the mate of Tester Fox, and taking out Coompass Lion because he wasn't needed in this deck.
And for the grade three line up, i'm running four Tester Fox, and four Chatnoir. Chatnoir is there to receive a lot of pluses if you can get the break ride off, if you cannot don't beat yourself over it.

And now the Legion, he has the ability to give a unit 4,000 power when attacking but you retire him at the end of the turn. And if the unit you retire happens to be a unit on your Vanguard Circle, you get to return two cards back from the drop zone to your deck, draw a card, and add a copy of a unit who was on your vanguard circle to your hand. It's a soft plus but it's still a plus. The reason I say it doesn't give any synergy to the rest of your deck is because your typically going to put that 4k power on your mate as a rearguard for the recycle combo to work.. It's honestly bad.. Worst than Minette in my opinion.

But when you do get the break ride off, and you can accurately run Great Nature this happens..

More Deck Profile Will be getting uploaded.

Nubatama (Shura Stealth Dragon, Mantoracongo) Deck Profile

To me I am not bother if this clan got Legion or not, since it does not have enough support, so it makes it really hard to make a decent deck. Legion and Break Riding makes it even better although we have seen this combination before with 'Yozakuracong', but 'Yozakuracong' got a huge cost and this card haven't. As always 'Nubatama' is all about depleting your opponent hand so you could make a finisher and now with the Legion units, it makes depleting opponent hand even better. Although I do wish they have more support especially the triggers, because rainbow triggers is not a very good line up for 'Nubatama'.

An improvement of 'Yozakuracongo' because 'Yozakuracongo' has a huge cost. This card not only bind two units from hand by discarding a copy when the unit is Legion, you can also bind another unit on your opponent rear guards. Well at least we know, if this unit is combined with break ride we can make our opponent loses four cards from their hand, reducing massively on defense. Legion does have major improvement for the vanguard, since it has more power. As well as they also loses one of their unit on the rear guard, which is great for a finisher, but because this deck uses break ride it will be a bit slower compare to a Legion deck. 

I find this unit amazing even though it is Legion, and I wish there is another Legion unit that could help this deck to make it even better. Oh well at least it deplete your opponent hand size which is good against Legion, I think. Well there are some cards your opponent will not bother protecting and there are some cards that your opponent might. Not really complaining since I love 'Nubatama' style and with this Legion, it makes 'Nubatama even better than before. Now there is no reason for the need of 'Yozakuracongo', but too bad this Legion is only a promo card which means you will need to stick with 'Yozakuracongo' for a bit, until you have a way to acquire this card.

I am glad that they made another 'Kuroko' grade 2 unit, since I do not want too much grade 0s in the deck that can block up the grade balance. Too bad 'Nubatama' does not have a second Legion, or this card will be one of the best card. It gains 2k when this unit attacks and also the ability that is the same as 'Kuroko' when it hits a vanguard. Although all these ability will only work, if you have Legion, so if you do not have Legion, this unit both ability will not work which is a shame. I do wish they kept the 2k bonus, so 'Nubatama' could have more attacking power.

Yeah, without another Legion unit, I cannot really make this card really effective, if I want to. So we have to wait until you can get Legion on the field, or wait when you use this card, since you could do break ride on top of break ride, which does not help this card. You could also add another 'Kuroko' to the deck to make it twice the pressure for your opponent because they could end up with nothing in the end. Like other clans, I just hope this clan will actually have a proper Legion support, so we can make some of these cards really useful. 

The first vanguard of 'Nubatama' and one of the most annoying card to be exact if you need your hand size. This unit only needs to do a soul blast, which means no counterblast is required, and filling up the soul is a very simple task for this deck. By paying one soul blast, you can send the two bind units to the drop zone which is not a hard task, but it must hits a vanguard for the skill to work. Of course this card will not be affected during the early game because of setting up Legion, but later on the game, this card will become very useful and especially when your opponent have already used up plenty of cards to set up Legion. 

It would be advisable to run 2-3 in the deck in case one get removes from the rear guard. Well I guess that is mainly units who do retiring. The reason why you should run about 2-3, but I mainly run 2 because of the grade balance I want to keep, is that it add twice or three time the pressure against your opponent. I guess in a Legion deck I will try and keep it as one since we need to focus on the balance when the units are Legion. If they cannot guard against of units who hits the vanguard, then they lose the units that were bind, and some of them could be very important against them. This is also why this card is very annoying to face, but puts a huge amount of pressure against your opponent when they face it.

It does not matter if your opponent got more cards in their hand than you, since this card will become very effective when you have less hand than your opponent. Also it only needs the boosted unit hits, and does not need to be the vanguard, which is what makes this card very good. Your opponent is forced to discard a card from their hand when the boosted unit hit by paying one counterblast. 'Nubatama' does not use a lot of counterblasts, so it makes this card really effective and even though this card was made in Season 1 along with the old units, it is still a very handy unit to use.

The only problem when you use this unit against Legion is that your opponent may not need to guard since they could lose a unit on purpose in order to set up Legion. As well as getting less cards than your opponent is much harder especially when you are running break ride with no Limit Break enablers, that can help you making it twice the difficult to use this card ability effectively. Well in some circumstances, they will eventually have more hand cards than you which makes this unit then become really useful, but I am usually guessing, it is when your opponent can take damage to use counterblasts, so they will need to risk facing this unit.

Let's not forget these two main units in the deck. One is 'Fuuki' which is the right image. 'Fuuki' is a very handy unit especially when it comes to binding your opponent hand when they have four or more cards by paying one counterblast and moving this card to soul. But moving this card to soul can be a major problem for the field, since you have a empty field easily. Well it could be useful when you encounter opponents who want to keep their hand and with this card ability it can ruin their whole strategy. Well it's the way of the ninjas and this is how 'Nubatama' is used.

On the left hand image we can see 'Tamahagane' which is one very very useful card. Not only the ability can bind a unit on the field, the skill works on two circle, the vanguard circle and the rear guard circle. This makes it very handy and you know what to ride on the vanguard. Well with this boosting with 'Kuroko' you can send this card bind unit to the drop zone making them lose one of their unit. This could be the first vanguard or anything else, but usually if you go first you target the first vanguard, but if you go second, then you have more choices in choosing which card you can target.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Stealth Beast, Kuroko (First Vanguard)
x4 Stealth Dragon, Kurogane (Critical)
x4 Stealth Fiend, Ohtsuzura (Draw)
x4 Stealth Fiend, Mashiromomen (Stand)
x4 Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Stealth Beast, Mijingakure (PG)
x4 Stealth Dragon, Dreadmaster
x3 Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki
x2 Stealth Rogue of the Night, Sakurafubuki (8k Vanilla)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Shura Stealth Dragon, Daranicongo (Mate)
x4 Stealth Beast, Tamahagane
x4 Stealth Dragon, Kokujyo

Grade 3 x8
x4 Shura Stealth Dragon, Mantoracongo (Legion)
x4 Shura Stealth Dragon, Kujikiricongo (Break Ride)


Monday, 25 August 2014

Vanguard of the King of Knights, Ezer

Vanguard of the King of Knights, Ezer

*[ACT](VC): Legion 21000 "King of Knights, Alfred" (If your opponent has a grade 3 or greater vanguard, only once, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone to your deck, and search your deck for the specified card, and perform Legion.)

[Soul Blast (2) & Choose a card with the same name as a unit in your (VC) from your hand, and discard it] If this unit is in Legion, search your deck for up to one grade 0, grade 1, and grade 2 card, call them to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.

If this unit is in Legion, your units cannot boost this unit.*

I can imagine that this card can go with many different units. Too bad it is only a 21k beater when you legion, but since we have been using mate that only works one the rear guards, of course we can't use two abilities at once with Legion. 'King of Knight, Alfred' is a unit that work on the vanguard circle which means you can use two abilities at once. Anyway, you can call three different units on to the rear guards which is similar like 'Liquir', but the call unit does not need to be in the same clan, as well this unit does not need any counterblasts. 

Murakumo (Onmyo Stealth Rogue, Seimei) Deck Profile

The ninjas are back and better than before. The only problem with this kind of ability is that break ride is not really helpful in this situation, so you will not need one. There are some support that can go very well with this ability so I find it great. You will not need to focus on calling units for the front row which is good against decks like 'Brawlers' or 'Eradicators' who retires front row only, so you will not be really affected if you can call units from deck. Likewise, I wish these clans have another Legion unit which makes it very easier, and plus they could become one of the overpowered decks, since some cards only work when they are Legion.

'Seimei', this unit have a interesting ability since it can fill up the front row very easy. Now the Legion is two units combined, so therefor you can select two different units from the deck, but I will mainly select the grade 3s, so I can reduce the number of grade 3s the deck uses. I think this is the best counter against decks that only retires the front row, so you do not need to waste any of your hand to call units to fill up the empty circle. Although if I've got a empty field then I will call the mate 'Kuzunoha', to constantly fill up the rear guards in one turn.

As well as the second ability it gains 3k when you have a rear guard circle with the same name. This work if you do not have Legion or Legion, which is quite useful, but of course Legion will be better because of the number of choices. Well too bad is does not gains 3k for each one or will be even better for this unit, or powering up the front row since 'Murakumo' power are not the best and they do not gain power, which makes it really hard when it comes to attacking your opponent units.

'Kuzunoha' is a soul blast unit instead of using counterblasts which is great since soul blasting can build up legion as well as reducing the amount of counterblasts the deck uses. By paying one soul blast you can select a rear guard unit that is not named 'Kuzunoha' and call a unit with the same name from the deck to the rear guard. Now, you can easily call this unit with Legion and select the grade 1 boosters, to boost the units, which is better than using 'Million Rats' in many ways. This will be better if you got an empty field, well at least having one booster, so you can call plenty of units from the deck.

Unfortunately this card only works when your vanguard is legion. Therefor this unit works the best when you call this unit from the deck, or you can perform Legion and then call this unit from your hand. Either ways will trigger this ability skill, but it is one very handy card especially against decks that wipe the entire field. 

'Kasumi Rogue' has two different abilities and those two different abilities are very helpful for the deck. Although this is not the main unit of the deck, since I am focusing on Legion only. You can pay one counterblast to call another unit with the same name from the deck, the grade must be grade 2 or higher, so it is too bad that you can't select another booster, but I guess that problem is solved with 'Kuzunoha'. At least one counterblast is not a huge cost for the deck.

Another ability of 'Kasumi Rogue' is the defense ability to protect against your opponent, which is one of the best defense ever since you can reduce the amount of cards that is used from your hand to guard with. This is also especially good against 'Daikaiser' ability where you can change one perfect guard to two perfect guard, but it does mean you will need to discard another unit to activate the perfect guards. This ability only activates when you have four damage meaning it is a Limit Break ability, unlike it call ability which can be call any time.

What is useful with 'Seimei' ability is that you can put this card to use. This card will become a 9k booster which is very handy. All you need is two unit with the same name on the field, so when this unit boost them, it gains 3k extra power. I know a 9k booster does not have much of an effect than a 10k booster, which is quite annoying. Getting two units with the same name on the field is pretty much a simple task for 'Murakumo'. There are many cards that call multiple copies of themselves. 

I wish they made this unit a 10k booster and that will make 'Murakumo' really great when it comes to attacking. It is not that it is not great, but the difference between 9k booster and a 10k booster have a major difference, and since we do not have a 12k beater for 'Murakumo', the 9k booster becomes the same as 8k booster. If only they have some units that gains so major power, then this 9k booster will become useful and will not have the same equivalent as a 8k booster. I guess the only difference it when the boosted units are against cross ride decks when they will need to guard with 10k shield instead of 5k shields.

I do not know if people still use this unit or not, to me I am not a big fan of this unit because it is only a 6k booster, and that will make 'Murakumo' low on power, unless they have units that can power themselves up. Although this create more units on the front row to attack by paying one counterblast. This card is useful in short terms, when you can do early rush, but in long terms not really that great since you have Legion, who can call the main units on to the field. As well as your opponent will be at a state where they need to guard to protect themselves from getting anymore damage. Although in some builds, this card is useful to them, especially the grade 3s that need to call another copy to gain power or other abilities. I only add it if I really need to otherwise, I really would not bother about this card.

As I know, is that you can combined 'Semei' with the 'Magatsu' ride chain, to make it a quick rush deck. It is good since you are going with speed vs legion decks these days. Yes Legion are the type of fast decks, so you need something that can also run as fast even without any new supports. Good job 'Murakumo' has some type of fastness is their clan. 'Magatsu Storm' will become very hand when you combine it with 'Deathly Dagger', so you can make your opponent guard with over 10k shields, but it is still the same when you are using 8k vanillas as boosters.

The only the bad point about ride chain, which is why I will not suggest to use it, is that if the ride chain fails, then the whole deck will need to rely on the grade 3 and other units. Of course it will not be good as when you got a successful ride chain ability, and having a successful ride chain in every game will rely on luck. So this is what I hate about ride chain, I just wish they can make something easier for them.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Stealth Rogue of Body Replacement, Kokuenmaru (FV)
x4 Stealth Beast, Cat Devil (Critical)
x4 Dirk Stealth Rogue, Yaiba (Critical)
x4 Stealth Fiend, Rokuro Lady (Draw)
x4 Stealth Fiend, Yukihime (Heal)

Grade 1 x15
x4 Stealth Rogue of Silence, Shijimamaru (8k Vanilla)
x4 Bangasa Stealth Rogue, Sukerock
x3 Stealth Beast, Deathly Dagger
x2 Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage (PG)
x2 Silver Snow, Sasame (QW)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Transformation Stealth Rogue, Kuzunoha (Mate)
x4 Stealth Beast, Bloody Mist (10k Vanilla)
x4 Demonic Hair Stealth Rogue, Grenjin

Grade 3 x6
x4 Onmyo Stealth Rogue, Seimei (Legion)
x2 Covert Demonic Dragon, Kasumi Rouge


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Link Joker (Ionization Star-vader, Hafnium) Deck Profile

A card that is similar to 'Nebula Lord', so I decided to make a power deck for this unit as well as lock, which is quite fun. Combining this unit with 'Dark Zodiac' makes this card even better, but let's focus this unit alone. The reason why I focused this card alone, is especially the units I added to this deck, to make this deck an actual power deck and not just lock. Well constant locking will only work for this card to power up the rear guards which is only 5k bonus, but I want more power up when I do lock. Although this deck must have the right set up to make it work.

Another unit that works differently when you have a 12k mate attach to this card. This unit is like 'Soul Saver' or 'Light Saver', but even better. Although you will have to attack with the vanguard first to trigger the ability or add stand triggers to the deck, which I am not a huge fan of. Well anyway this unit gives plenty of power and power can easily beat your opponent because of Legion these days. The ability only mention units, which means you can also power up the vanguard, since it does not need to be rear guards, but the vanguard is already powerful enough when you combine a booster behind this unit.

The second ability of this unit is actually the same as 'Nebula Lord' where you pay two counterblasts to lock one unit on the back row. Of course two counterblasts is very heavy since 'Link Joker' does not have a unflipper to reduce the amount of counterblasts the deck, use. Anyway, locking one back row is enough, since you need to at least lock a unit so you can trigger other units ability.

I love 'Radon' new artwork, but then I realize the real reason of having this new artwork is for the use of Legion. Well I guess it paid off for me, since the grade 3 unit have a very useful ability unlike other units, but we have not see a lot of 12k beaters getting a grade 3 to go with the unit. As well this will increase the attack strength of 'Link Joker' rather than just keeping all of them to 9k which isn't be enough to beat a 11k on its own.

To make 'Hafnium' really effective, you will need to use this card because of the constant lock. So therefore you can power up five units when you ride over top of 'Dark Zodiac', which is like 'Platinum Ezel' power up, but of course that will only last one turn, then the other turns, you will need to think of how to power up with other cards. Although the five powered units, could be the finisher unless they survived then you will need to think of a different plan. 

As you know the second ability can lock one front and one back row by discarding a copy from your hand. It is great when you Legion, since the Legion ability is not affected, but you must lock in that turn for the two turn lock ability. It is quite annoying for your opponent since they only got their vanguard to attack with.

When it comes to power, these two card does the job. Who ever thought that these two cards that were used in 'Nebula Lord' deck can be also used in this deck. Combined with 'Hafnium' it becomes the best formation you could ever have of course, you will need to even the power, so you have three columns with power units to wipe out your opponent. Usually you can do four locks and your already have one strong formation, I would not worry making a fifth lock for the deck since you will have plenty of power already.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Star-vader, Robin Knight (First Vanguard)
x4 Star-vader, Apollo Nail Dragon (Critical)
x4 Star-vader, Spark Doll (Critical)
x4 Star-vader, Nebula Captor (Draw)
x4 Star-vader, Pixie Powder (Heal)

Grade 1 x15
x4 Barrier Star-vader, Promethium (PG)
x4 Demon Claw Star-vader, Lanthanum
x4 Star-vader, Bolt Line
x3 Opener of Dark Gates

Grade 2 x12
x4 Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon (Mate)
x4 Companion Star Star-vader, Photon (Mate)
x4 Furious Claw Star-vader, Niobium

Grade 3 x6
x4 Ionization Star-vader, Hafnium (Legion)
x2 Star-vader, Garnet Star Dragon (Legion)


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Link Joker (Star-vader, Dark Zodiac) Deck Profile

Don't really like 'Glendios' combined with this card because of timing, and not the way I fight but anyhow, I made two different decks using 'Dark Zodiac' ability. Yeah, one of them is 'Glendios' since a lot of people like using it with 'Dark Zodiac' and the other one is combined with the Limit Break enablers, so I can use the good old 'Chaos Breaker Dragon'. 'Chaos Breaker' is still good even though a lot of them have moved to 'Glendios' now, so I decided to revive 'Chaos Breaker'. Although 'Chaos Breaker' is not the only unit that I have revived, I am also using 'Nebula Lord' even though the counterblasts are heavy if you use the ability. I am not interested in 'Nebula Lord' lock, what I am interested is the power bonus. Meaning the more locks the better power it gains because I don't have any 12k beaters that make the attacking units poor against opponent vanguards.

The main legion unit for this deck, and one unit you do not want to face because of one move and you will be lock for two turns. Well good job the card ability is only once per Legion, so it will not affect you too much once this card ability is over. Although Link Jokers have other cards that can keep you in lock for quite a long time especially if you are using a Legion decks, since you will be guarding early just to set up Legion. Anyway this card second ability is very useful and that is discarding the card with the same name to lock one front and back row unit. Rulings have been confirmed that you can still the Legion ability after you Legion whiles locking, so this makes this card a very deadly card once you got the right units.

'Astro Reaper' has many cards that you can search from deck just using this card one ability. You do not need lock or Legion to trigger this card ability, you only need to pay one soul blast, and that can be easily done. Of course I will use this on 'Dark Zodiac' if I manage to ride it on the vanguard, so I can search for another 'Dark Zodiac' and use it for my next turn. This card must hits a vanguard for the ability to work and also by looking at the top five cards, so you will need to rely on luck for this. It is not a very good searcher but at least you can take some chances and also set up Legion, since you will be easily filling the drop zone by doing soul blast. You do not have to use it on one card only, since there are many other cards you could try and get another copy to hand, especially the units that work on the rear guards only, but was forced to ride on the vanguard. Well, I don't think there are any cards that can work on the vanguard circle apart from the grade 3s, using the new cards.

Who would have thought that this card would be revive due to the speed compare to Legion decks. It seems that 'Dark Zodiac' have made this card become useful again, since you can easily trigger world end ability by having the right cards. Of course you will not be needing Reverse units this time especially if you going to focus on Legion. There are a way to use this ability and that is not Legion until you have Glendios and five damage, so you can use the successful 'World End' ability without fail. Of course getting five damage these days are much harder because of legion and the number of critical triggers that have been increased in the decks. So you might have to take some risk when you are using this cards, but locking five units is a very easy task so you do not really need 'Glendios' Limit Break ability, you only need Ultimate Break.

It's been a while since we last saw this card winning in tournaments, it seems like those days were over when 'Glendios' appeared. Now this card have been resurrected in the 'Dark Zodiac' deck, since Legion can build up the soul very easy making this card very useful. You can basically retire five units and draw five cards, if you manage to ride over the Legion unit, which is not bad and also it majorly increase your hand. Of course with these kind of abilities there is also the amount of counterblast the deck can use, and since Link Joker still haven't got a unflipper after it been this long, you cannot really keep using counterblasts. I guess counterblasts heavy is what this deck does most. Still I find 'Chaos Breaker' very useful especially when you need the hand after you have Legion.

Looks like we have another unit that have disappeared far longer than these grade 3s. 'Nebula Lord' because of 'Dark Zodiac' ability, you can make 'Nebula Lord' really powerful, I mean really powerful, because of the amount of locks it can do. So if you lock five units, you can basically have 15k power on the front row, but without 'Lanthanum' and 'Niobium' the power, is not that great, but at least now you can make the weaker power units, to hit the vanguard so your opponent needs to use big shield to guard against them. Well this is another strategy you can use if you need units to hit the vanguard successfully, of course I would not suggest to use the two counterblasts to lock, unless you really need to, since two counterblasts are really heavy and plus this unit only locks the back row.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Star-vader, Dust Tail Unicorn (FV)
x4 Star-vader, Meteor Liger (Critical)
x4 Star-vader, Null Chameleon (Critical)
x4 Star-vader, Jailer Tail (Draw)
x4 Star-vader, Pixie Powder (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Barrier Star-vader, Promethium (PG)
x4 Eclipse Star-vader, Charcoal
x3 Star-vader, Bolt Line
x2 Prison Gate Star-vader, Palladium

Grade 2 x11
x4 Star-vader, Astro Reaper (Mate)
x4 Companion Star Star-vader, Photon
x3 Star-vader, Colony Maker

Grade 3 x9
x4 Star-vader, Dark Zodiac (Legion)
x3 Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon
x2 Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon

Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Star-vader, Robin Knight (FV)
x4 Star-vader, Apollo Nail Dragon (Critical)
x4 Star-vader, Null Chameleon (Critical)
x4 Vortex Star-vader, Molybdenum (Draw)
x4 Star-vader, Pixie Powder (Heal)

Grade 1 x14
x4 Barrier Star-vader, Promethium (PG)
x4 Star-vader, Bolt Line
x4 Opener of Dark Gates
x2 Star-vader, Satellite Mirage

Grade 2 x11
x4 Star-vader, Astro Reaper (Mate)
x4 Companion Star Star-vader, Photon
x3 Star-vader, Cold Death Dragon

Grade 3 x8
x4 Star-vader, Dark Zodiac (Legion)
x4 Star-vader, "Omega" Glendios