Thursday, 5 March 2015

Neo Nectar (Maiden of Trailing Rose) Update Deck Profile

Maiden of Trailing Rose, a unit that this card is simply amazing. This card has no Limit Break so it is much easier to activate the skill rather than waiting for four damage or Limit Break Enabler, so this card speed up the deck even more. Of course there are some support help just for this card skill which is persona blast. Persona Blast is a little bit harder to pull of if the unit requires the need of hitting but I guess in Neo Nectar hitting a unit is very easy to pull and it is not as complicated as you think.

Maiden of Trailing Rose which appeared in few episodes of the anime but that is right from the start. Since this card does not have much restrictions it is pretty much a Season 1 card just like other units but with better speed combining with the latest Generation Break units for Neo Nectar. This card makes filling the rear guard so easy and also good for Ayesha and Jingle Flower.

When this unit attack hits a vanguard, by paying one counterblast and discarding the same card as this unit, you can look at the top five cards of your deck and call two Neo Nectar units to the rear guards. The Neo Nectar units are not specific so you can mostly call the units you like to call easily filling up the rear guard circle.

Fruit Basket is like one of the main unit for the deck because this enable 100% for Maiden of Trailing Rose to hit the vanguard. There are a lot of on hit ability to trigger some cards skill and I think this card will work perfect with those on hit skills but then again you must pay the price and some prices are worth it but not all of it.

By paying one counterblast, if this unit boost a Neo Nectar unit that is attacking the vanguard, your opponent cannot normal call any units to the guarding circle. By normal calling is pretty much guarding from hand or intercept, I do not really know about any other calling. And the boosted unit does not deal damage to your opponent. Now why wouldn't you deal damage to your opponent? To stop your opponent from guarding so you can use some card skills.

If you love filling up the rear guards then this card could work too. Of course this card must have Limit Break enabler or take four damage to activate this card skill since it is a Limit Break unit. You will also need to fill up the rear guard circle so you can select the units you need on the field and call them from the deck. This is actually this card skill but there is a cost to this skill.

When a Neo Nectar unit rides on top of this card, by paying one counterblast you can choose up to two of your units and call two units with the same name as the selected units. Then your vanguard gains 10k power. This card can easily fill up the field by break riding one or twice unless your opponent decided to wipe out the whole rear guards, making this card kinda pointless to use.

A card that is rarely used in Neo Nectar because it is a promo unit. I rarely used it in these deck unless it requires something different. This card is very helpful for striding and persona blast because of the skill. Even though this unit is only a 8k beater but we are not looking for 8k beater since we are looking for the skill that works.

By paying one counterblast and moving this card to the soul, you can look at the top five cards of your deck and add one grade 3 or higher to your hand. This card is good for searching Maiden of Trailing Rose as well as you are not removing units from Ayesha or any other Neo Nectar that only focus on calling rear guards.

There are actually a lot of counterblasts involve even though they are only one. Neo Nectar have plenty of good unflippers to unflip some damage and used them again to make it last longer. Although I do not like the skill of Generation Break 1 but then again it actually got quite a decent skill. 

When this unit attack hits a vanguard, choose up to two of your damage zone and unflip them face up. Well you could use this card with Fruit Basket so instead of unflipping two you can unflip one at a time but at least you know it will hit the vanguard. This is could for reusing the counterblasts over and over again. 

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Maiden of Physalis (First Vanguard)
x4 Chestnut Bullet (Critical)
x4 Maiden of Daybreak (Stand)
x4 Maiden of Morning Glory (Stand)
x4 Fairy Light Dragon (Heal)

Grade 1 x14
x4 Maiden of Passion Flower (PG)
x4 Maiden of Reclamation, Padmini (Strider)
x4 Suppa Suppaa
x2 Fruits Basket Elf

Grade 2 x11
x4 Maiden of Flower Screen
x4 Barrage Warrior, Watermelon
x3 Maiden of Dreaming Aroma (Promo)

Grade 3 x8
x4 Maiden of Trailing Rose (Persona Blast)
x4 Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha (Strider)

G Zone x8
x4 Sacred Tree Dragon, Jingle Flower Dragon
x2 Flower Princess of Spring, Arborea
 x1 Flower Princess of Spring's Beginning, Primavera
x1 Snow Element, Blizza 

Aqua Force (Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-drive Dragon) Update Deck Profile

Since I have done Stride, Legion and Cross Ride Aqua Force deck, this card should not get left out. Tetra Drive was really strong in the past because of the restanding as well as combining this card with break ride skill forcing your opponent to lose their hand size. Well we should not forget all about Aqua Force rush which makes it even better. I only used a few new support in replace of the old cards but mainly it the old cards that is mostly needed for the deck.

Tetra Drive dragon a restanding vanguard for Aqua Force. Although this restanding vanguard is not quite effective when you use this card on it's own. In order to make this card even more powerful you have to used combination of cards that could make this card even better and deadlier for the deck. It is quite powerful when you combine other cards together but not on it's own.

For this card Limit Break skill after this card attacked a vanguard during the second battle, if it is the fourth or more battle, this card can stand again by paying two counterblasts and discarding two cards. The problem with this skill is losing two cards from your hand but you do get a second twin drive to replace the cards you have lost.

The second skill of this card is by paying one counterblast this card gains 2k power. It is quite useful if you want to power up Tetra Drive so it can become deadlier when it stands and do not forget about the trigger bonus that is added to the card making it better than before. 

I guess we should not forget about this break riding for Tetra Drive. What makes Tetra Drive deadly is this card break ride skill. Not many cards really seem that effective but it is good for units who do not pull four attacks and only pull three attacks. I know Aqua Force got two break ride except these break rides will be used depending on the situation of the game.

When a Aqua Force unit break ride on top of this card, your vanguard gains 10k power and then the ability to if this card attacks your opponent must discard a card otherwise your vanguard gains +1 critical and they cannot guard at all. This skill is especially useful for Tetra Drive since your opponent will be losing two cards reducing their defense a little but not too much because of Stride.

Since Tetra Drive will be attacking second I would say this card could be useful since it needs third attack as well as combining with stand triggers making it even more deadlier. Although it is rarely used in decks these days because there are a lot of cards for Aqua Force can used for the deck.

When this unit attacks if it the third or more battle this card gains 3k power. This skill works on the vanguard or rear guard circle so you will not need to worry about 8k power during your turn if you managed to fill the requirements in for this card.

Let's not forget the new evolution of Tidal Assault except this card do have a cost that need to be pay to trigger the skill unlike Tidal Assault. Well I was hoping the less counterblasts the better for Tetra Drive but it seems that won't work. Well at least you got Stride as a back up for the deck.

When this unit attacked the vanguard, if this unit is boosted by paying one counterblast you can stand this card and it gains 2k power. Instead of losing 5k power this card has a better chance of hitting your opponent vanguard if they managed not to drive check any triggers.

Wheel Assault, a unit that is helpful for the deck at a cost of one counterblast. Well I guess this card could be helpful in the old days when there are not as much swapping the rear guards at it is now thanks to the new support of Aqua Force. This card was really useful since it does not need the boosted unit to hit but you will need it to boost a unit for this skill to work.

At the end of the battle that this unit boosted, by paying 1 counterblast you can choose two of your rear guards and swapped them around but with the current state stay the same. Now this card does not specify columns but only Aqua Force units to swap with which could be useful for multi attacking if you want to pull those kind of combos.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Officer Cadet, Erikk (First Vanguard)
x4 Supersonic Sailor (Critical)
x2 Bubble Bazooka Dracokid (Critical)
x4 Battle Siren, Mallika (Draw)
x2 Rainbow Sniper (Draw)
x4 Battle Siren, Carolina (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Guardian of the Seas, Platon (PG)
x4 Mako Shark Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet (LB Enabler)
x3 Mercenary Brave Shooter
x2 Light Signals Penguin Soldier

Grade 2 x12
x4 Magnum Assault
x4 Tidal Assault
x2 Couple Dagger Sailor (Promo)
x2 Tear Drop Marine General, Carlos

Grade 3 x8
 x3 Blue Flight Dragon, Trans-core Dragon (Break Ride)
x3 Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-drive Dragon (Limit Break)
x2 Storm Rider, Diamantes 

G Zone x8
x4 Marine General of the Sky and Earth, Lambros
x2 Marine General of the Heavenly Scale, Tidal-bore Dragon
x2 Miracle Element, Atmos

G-EB01 Metalborg, Loco Battler

Metalborg, Loco Battler

[AUTO]:Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))

[Put this unit into your soul] Choose up to two of your vanguards, and they get [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

G-EB01 Dimensional Robo, Daishoot

Dimensional Robo, Daishoot

[AUTO]:Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))

[ACT](RC) Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):[Put this unit into your soul] Choose one of your vanguards with "Dimensional Robo" in its card name, until end of turn, it gets [Power]+4000 and "[AUTO](VC):When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, choose one of your opponent's rear-guards, and retire it.".

Ironman is that you? An ability I would say that is exactly the same as Daibarret but no counterblast needed. Imagine combining these two cards together 8k power bonus as well as being able to retire two cards in one turn. That is only if the vanguard hit, but at least it put quite the pressure for your opponent since the 4k extra bonus can trigger other skill as well as just retiring units.

G-EB01 Cosmic Hero, Grandseed

 Cosmic Hero, Grandseed

[AUTO]:Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))

[1/Turn] Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):When this unit's [Power] is increased due to an effect from one of your cards, if this unit's [Power] is 9000 or greater, choose one of your vanguards, and until end of turn, it gets "[AUTO](VC):When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, draw a card.". (This ability is not activated due to the increase from boost of a card)

Interesting, so this card helps you draw when your units hits a vanguard, well you definitely have to power up this card skill to work and it is Generation Break 1 which is good for late game used. I don't know about other boosting methods but I really don't want to waste 4k power on this card but then again it makes no difference since it will only target the Vanguard which is good.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Narukami (Demon Conquering Dragon, Dungaree "Unlimited") Update Deck Profile

Have anyone noticed that the new cards that bind does not have to be your opponent? Dungaree works perfectly with the new cards and whats make it more devastating is the power that it gain as well as keeping that retiring in hand. Never or less I will say this deck is one of the most power deck that works with the new cards. Well I feel like the more power the better for the deck so this deck mainly focus on power and binding cards which is basically binding any cards on the field.

Dungaree a Limit Break unit that was rarely used when they first released this card. I am guessing because of the point of binding your own cards but now with the new support Dungaree has become useful. It is not like it was not useful at the first place it was just kinda of weird using bind and then unbinding those card to retire people units.

Let start of with the Limit Break skill, by paying one counterblast and unbinding one card you can choose one of your opponent unit in the front row and retire it. Unfortunately this card can only be used once per turn. Although this ability is actually very handy because you only need one counterblast and you can retire one front row unlike some cards for the deck. 

There is a second skill of this card. When this card is placed on the vanguard circle you can bind two cards from the top of the deck. Now this combining with the first ability actually make sense, although there are not a lot of binding which couldn't make this card really consistence for the entire game. If you do not have any cards that is bind by this card skill this card loses 2k power. So you will need to save at least one bind card for the deck.

Dungaree Unlimited which is the cross ride of Dungaree. Thanks to this card it makes Dungaree changed dramatically and the power that makes Dungaree really strong. As well as the support and the extra 2k bonus if you manage to ride on top of Dungaree which is good for extra defense that you will need.

For this unit skill by paying two counterblasts and paying one soul blast, when this unit attacks you can retire one of your opponent front row unit and this card gains 2k power for each bind cards you have in your bind zone. This is not a bad skill since it can rise to a level equal to Stride number or maybe more depending on the situation, although the two counterblasts can actually be used up really easy so this will be good for a final finisher.

What makes Dungaree really good is this starting vanguard that supports Dungaree. If you have a Narukami vanguard, this card gains when a Dungaree is placed on the vanguard or the rear guard circle you can bind one of your card from top of the deck to bind zone. Unfortunately there are only two Dungaree units but I am guess that two Dungaree units will be enough for the major binding that will be needed.

If you are the type of person who focused on trying to get the unit on the vanguard before the cross ride Storm Bringer will be very helpful at a cost of one counterblast. As well as it also helps you to get the grade 3 in your hand ready to Stride since Stride will require the discard of a total of grade 3 or higher from your hand.

When this attack hits a vanguard by paying one counterblast you can look at the top five cards of your deck and then add one grade 3 to your hand and shuffle the deck. This ability is vanguard and rear guard ability and your opponent these days will mostly try and prevent you from getting grade 3s to your hand so you cannot Stride.

If you feel like making Dungaree even better when they are placed on the rear guard then this unit will help them power up even more, although you will need to find some cards that can soul charge for the deck. It should not be a difficult task if you keep riding on top of the vanguard over and over again.

By paying one soul blast when this unit boost a Dungaree unit, this unit gains 6k power meaning this card will be a 10k booster for Dungaree. This is also good when you use it on the rear guard circle for Dungaree as they can be 21k beater as well as the vanguard making your opponent use a lot of shield to protect themselves.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Exorcist Mage, Dan Dan (First Vanguard)
x4 Malevolent Djinn (Critical)
x4 Plasma Dance Dragon (Critical)
x4 Suspicious Djinn (Draw)
x4 Deity of Love, Kama (Heal)

Grade 1 x14
x4 Dragon Dancer, Anastasia (PG)
x4 Mighty Bolt Dragoon (Strider)
x3 Eradicator, Egghelm Dracokid (LB Enabler)
x3 Photon Bomber Wyvern

Grade 2 x11
x4 Desert Gunner, Shouran (Promo)
x4 Thunder Spear Wielding Exorcist Knight (12k Beater)
x3 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura

Grade 3 x8
x4 Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree (Limit Break)
x4 Demon Conquering Dragon, Dungaree "Unlimited" (Cross Ride)

G Zone x8
x4 Supreme Conquering Dragon, Conquest Dragon
x2 Thunder Dragon Knight, Zoras
x2 Miracle Element, Atmos

Royal Paladin (Sanctuary of Light) Update Deck Profile

I have got some requests about Sanctuary of Light deck and after a few testings I finally made one. The problem with ride chain is if the ride chain fail then the whole strategy will fail but it is helpful if you have a second strategy for the deck. There are a lot of combination of cards that can be added to the deck but I only chose certain units because I've got no room unfortunately to add other cards in the deck. Although it is all about the right combination of cards to make the whole deck work.

One of the very old cards and a ability that powers up all the Sanctuary of Light units so they are not pointless if you call them to rear guard circle. It also help the deck to deck thin since you are calling specific units and the new Royal Paladin focus on calling grade 2 units so you can focus on calling grade 1 units for the deck.

The limit break skill of this card is when this unit attacks all of your Sanctuary of Light unit gains 3k power. Now because this card have to attack first to trigger this card skill there is no point having stand triggers in the deck because if you drive check stands there is no unit you can power up with unless you attack with the rear guard first. Although mostly I will attack with the vanguard in order to get the bonus.

The second ability of this card is when this card is placed on the vanguard circle by paying two counterblasts you can call one Sanctuary of Light unit to the rear guard circle. A good caller but the fact that it needs two could be quite tricky if your deck already uses counterblasts. Otherwise it will be very helpful for the deck to gain more units on the rear guards.

A card that go with Sanctuary of Light but the skill work slightly different. In fact the skill is more like Soul Saver Dragon but less soul blast needed. It is also a unit that counters unlockers, so Link Joker cannot affect this unit even though you will be relying on the rear guards but you will need to pay one counterblast to unlock one unit.

The skill of this card already works like Soul Saver and plus Planetal Dragon already powers up Sanctuary of Light without any cost needed this card need to. The good thing about this card is that you do not need to attack first and it activates during the main phase. By paying two counterblasts and two soul blasts you can give three of your Royal Paladin units 5k power each and that is already a good finisher move because we have Stride units now.

Now with Sanctuary Guard letting you able to call any Sanctuary of Light I want to wider that choice so you do not have to worry much and add this card. The new Royal Paladin units focus on calling grade 2 units but you can add this card to call grade 1 units so your grade 1s do not feel that they have been left out.

When this unit hits a vanguard by paying two counterblasts you can call one grade 1 or less and call it to the rear guard circle. This card will actually put some pressure toward your opponent because of the amount of calling Royal Paladin already does and they may want to prevent you from calling too much units to the field.

For anyone wondering who is this card it is Ars new artwork. I found the new artwork much more cooler and better. This is actually one of the first Royal Paladin unflippers for a very long time and even with all that support Royal Paladin only get like 2-3 unflippers in their clan but all grade 2s and I wish they have a grade 1 that can unflip two damage since it will be much easier.

When this unit attack hits a vanguard you can unflip a damage. Now I do not know about unflipping damage since if your opponent could guard against this card or not but since there are counterblasts used in this deck we might as well have the right amount of unflippers for the deck.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Sanctuary of Light, Planet Lancer (First Vanguard)
x4 Alabaster Owl (Critical)
x4 Knight of Flash (Critical)
x4 Margal (Draw)
x4 Healing Pegasus (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Holy Knight Guardian (PG)
x4 Sanctuary of Light, Little Storm
x3 Knight of Lauryl, Cycirlz (Strider)
x2 Jewel Knight, Prizmy (LB Enabler)

Grade 2 x12
x4 Sanctuary of Light, Determinator
x4 Knight of Fragment
x2 Battle Flag Knight, Constance
x2 Seeker of Bravery, Ars

Grade 3 x8
x4 Sanctuary of Light, Brightness Dragon (Limit Break)
x4 Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon (Limit Break)

G Zone x8
 x4 Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon
x2 Great Consistent Sage, Jiron (Promo)
x2 Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade

G-EB01 Great Cosmic Hero, Grand Bazooka

Great Cosmic Hero, Grand Bazooka

[AUTO](VC/RC) Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, choose up to two of your other units, and they get [Power]+4000 until end of turn.

When I saw this skill I instantly thought this card is useful for Metalborg apart from the on hit ability that is needed. I wish they were those grade 3s unit and when it attacks you pay one counterblast to activate  the skill since it will be really useful than needing the card to hit. Let see whats the rest of the Cosmic Hero will look like and their new skills. I am also wondering who will be using this sub clan or is it even a sub clan?.

G-EB01 Super Cosmic Hero, X Falcon

Super Cosmic Hero, X Falcon

Stride (Released when both players' vanguards are grade 3 or greater!)-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.

[Counter Blast (2) & Choose a card from your hand, and discard it] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, if this unit's [Power] is 45000 or greater, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's rear-guards, and put it into his or her damage zone face down.

This skill is a little bit trickier. I could get 37k and 22k easily but 45k... look like I will have to use 4k power bonus for the deck and you will need like 2 4k power will be enough if you already know the cards in DP that can easily power up these units already. Although I do not really like the skill since it does not feel like DP, it is more like Angel Feathers I have no idea why but it seems Bushiroad look like they ran out of ideas. Ramiel Reverse skill is in this card.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Great Nature (School Punisher, Leo-pald "Яeverse") Update Deck Profile

I do not want to face this card especially with the new support that is given to Great Nature. The new support combined with Leo-Pald makes the deck really powerful and especially when the power can reach over 30k in one turn. Unlike Break Ride I think this can be most constantly 30k columns against your opponent not even good defense can stop this deck. Although this card would work extremely well with break ride but by having stride it really then requires the right timing for the deck.

Leo-pald Reverse as we seen in the anime is the reverse of Leo-pald. The fact that this card got reversed made the skill even better than before. It is also quite deadly when you got the right combo so you wouldn't really want to face this card in a head to head battle. This card with shred the part of other people vanguards and surprisingly as well as Polaris these cards work excellently with the new cards.

For this card limit break skill, choose one of your great nature rear guards and lock it. Then you can select up to two of your Great Nature units and give them 4k power each. Then at the end of the turn if those units get retired you can call them back to the open rear guard circle again. Great Nature does a lot of retiring so it is quite useful if you can call them back again for intercepts. As well as Leo-pald Reverse skill, you can lock more than one unit to make the rear guard columns more deadlier.

You might want to add this card I am not sure but the skill is quite useful. Although there are some card rulings applied to this card. This card was used in Season 2 and in Season 2 Great Nature was already a strong clan because of this card that can call back Great Nature units although I wouldn't really say this card got the best ability. This is suitable for Leo-pald Reverse in order to get that 2k extra bonus for defense.

During your end phase when one of your Great Nature is retired, by paying one counterblast you can call them back to the rear guard circle. Now apparently it miss timing when you try and call two Great Nature units so you can only call one Great Nature unit back from drop zone at a time. Plus one counterblast in a Great Nature deck is quite a lot because already of the amount of counterblast needed for the deck.

Chatnoir with Leo-pald Reverse were a deadly combination back in the old times but it is still now especially the amount of draw power you can do just from break riding on top of the card. As well as locking can weaken the units because you do not have any boosters at all for the deck and it can put a disadvantage for the attacking formation.

When a great nature unit rides on top of this card, you can give 4k power to your rear guard units when a unit attacks a vanguard and then at the end of the turn, draw one card and retire that unit that been applied by this skill. This skill can stack so you draw like 3-4 cards in one turn if you are lucky to stand your units and standing the units is not really hard to do. 

You may want to use this card especially in a reversed deck because of Leo-pald Reverse. This little tank mouse is a really useful asset for the deck although you do need to rest this unit to activate skill. Since Leo-pald Reverse will be locking units anyway you might as well lock some units that are useful and still give advantages even if you lock the unit.

By resting this unit you can give 4k power to one of your Great Nature unit and then at the end of the turn it get retired. This is good for combining Leo-pald Reverse skill because you getting extra 4k power to power up your rear guard units even more making it even deadlier than before.

You might not know since this deck is resolved around power you might have a 12k beater in the deck. This is actually Great Nature first 12k beater but it is Generation Break so you might as well wait for to Stride. The 4k bonus on it owns make it easier to guard for your opponent since the maximum can be a 15k beater without boost and we need some 12k beaters to make it useful for the deck since the total then will be 16k beater and your opponent will need 10k shield to protect against themselves which is quite a lot.

 Deck Recipe

Grade 0x17
x1 Acorn Master (First Vanguard)
x4 Ruler Chameleon (Critical)
x7 Cutter Falcon (Critical)
x4 Protractor Utan (Stand)
x1 Alarm Chicken (Stand)
x4 Broadcast Rabbit (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 Contradiction Instructor, Shell Master (PG)
x4 Paint Otter (LB Enabler)
x3 Tank Mouse
x2 Coiling Duckbill

Grade 2 x10
x4 Crayon Tiger
x4 Sleepy Tapir
x2 Binoculus Tiger

Grade 3 x10
 x4 School Punisher, Leo-pald "Яeverse" (Limit Break)
x4 Honorary Professor, Chatnoir (Break Ride)
x2 Contradiction Instructor, Tusk Master

G Zone x8
 x4 Eternity Professor, Phoenicialux
x4 Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr